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2 months ago

So i write a brief weekly blog about how i spent my week . This week was mostly about improvement and making little changes that are healthy .

On Monday i actually had bought this spiral cutter some months ago which i never used but i had an idea and made cucumber noodles with it soaked the noodles in cold water which made them crunchier i also added soy sauce sesame seeds and some honey on it and ate them tbh it was so yummy and refreshing . I don't always suggest a raw veggie diet but if you want more fibre and hydration have this once a day .

On Tuesday i was back on studying Andrew Loomis tbh i love how dynamic his sketches were saggy faces bug faces all its just phenomenal .

On Wednesday i planted my winter Seeds for my winter kitchen Garden , its the perfect season to plant turnips , tomatoes and potatoes also greens like Fenugreek . That is why i planted seeds in my seedling tray and here the seedlings are popping out 😍

On Thursday i tested out my skills those i learnt from reading and seeing if i have made any improvement here im sketching one of my fav icons . Nazia Hassan and its still not finished yet .

On Friday we had no gas Kudos to that i couldn't cook at all so we just ordered pizzas from out side this was our lunch , dinner and breakfast that day πŸ˜‚ Tbh life is all about balance u can have unhealthy cravings somedays and somedays u eat healthy don't starve yourself off things you like just create a balance.

On Saturday i painted a mini painting so its wheat season and i wanted to paint a silhouette off Wheat bunches in the sunset and thats what i painted . Sometimes they just look really beautiful

On Sunday my mom made the Queen of Lentils Malika Masoor which is what we call these Black lentil or grains and with that we had pickled onions and some crispy hashbrowns perfect combination idk but personally i love lentils alot its just my comfort food .

Well that's the recap of my week .

How was your week ? Did you experience something fantastic too like me ? Do comment below

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2 months ago


Nice art .Hmmm a lot of times I am planning to plant some vegetables but it only ends with a plansπŸ˜πŸ˜…

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2 months ago