Drawing a little scenery digitally ❤️

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1 year ago

Today as i felt relaxed and happy i thought of drawing a little scenery

I drew the rough line art for the green grass and clouds on the canvas .

Each everything on different layers.

In the background i added a gradient of light blue with a very white blue hue to make it look like a sunny bright day.

Next i filled both cloud and grass layers with a solid fill color .

After this i will shade them seperately

I zoomed out and started. Making even wooly wiggly lines on the cloud to give it a very cotton like look that usually clouds give us .

Next i selected the cloud and erased the outer cloud parts that were remaining added a gaussian blur so the clouds look bright and fluffy

Now that the clouds were fluffy i clipped another layer added some airbrush to shade the cloud this way it gives it more depth

After that i added some highlights and some pink hues to the cloud to give it a much fluffy and nice effect . Usually our clouds reflect many colors because of the water inside them .

As u can see shading the clouds took many layers till i was satisfied .

Alot of people think digital art is just using brushes and making stuff but in reality its still same as other arts .

Now for the grass i shaded it with many different hues of green and i just used. A chalk like grainy brush to make this texture

I clipped another layer used some more green hues and just blended them with a watercolor brush and set the layer on overlay this gave it a nice sunny day grass effect

Next i added some grass blades with my grass brush. At the outer most edge off the grass so it gives us a grass texture effect .

Remember when you draw nature keep in mind to use less saturate hues but many different shades of the same color because nature doesn't come in just one single green color.

The canvas seemed a bit lonely so i added a tree too for that again i first made a solid colored tree trunk layer now i will add a foliage to the back of it and front too

See how i have added a foliage layer to the back of the tree trunk and one to the front also keep in mind one in the back will have a darker color than the one in front

Here as u can see i maded sure to use my brush with jitter so we have leaves but in different shades of green

Now i shaded the tree trunk with strips in different shades of brown this is simple but just have fun n keep painting trust the process

I next added the trees shadow to the grass ground and some sunlight to the front of the tree because the direct the light comes from should be opposite of the shadow

And finally this was the result

hope you all like it i try to write as many simplified steps as i can for the people who wanna learn these concepts ❤️

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1 year ago


This is beautiful Biya. I just love the clouds, the greenery, the tree everything. You are such a nice artist.

Gimme some tips too😆

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1 year ago

Hey sis like you literally can see my art blogs here and on hive i make my content really in easy steps so many people can learn and make it themselves too even from an Android phone ❤️

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1 year ago

Tbh, I know a little bit of it but I am a paper artist. There was a time I can draw, I can sketch, I can do paint but say goodbye to my passion for a long time.

Hehe, Was just teasing you so you can make one daily for us.

I will look into your hive blogs too. Keep up the good work.🙌

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1 year ago

Why say goodbye when literally you can blog about them and the inspiration behind them i say you start again even if as a paper artist ❤️

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1 year ago

I think sometimes we don't have any answers to some Questions. And, if we have, we can't even want to share it.

The paper artist is dead inside me so, I can't even think of it nor can force myself but I appreciate it whenever someone around me is portraying their art with this much beauty.

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1 year ago