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Announcing the Bitcoin Out Loud “Bring your BCH home” campaign + contest!

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6 months ago

With its low fees and lightning fast transactions, it’s easy to hold your own Bitcoin Cash. So why not celebrate your self-custodial superpowers this holiday season?

The basic idea is pretty simple: Withdraw any BCH you have on custodial platforms by December 30th. Between now and then the plan is to make memes and give away some Bitcoin Cash!

Spread the word, win BCH

Memes and other creative posts to Twitter about bringing your BCH home will be considered for Bitcoin Cash prizes, awarded via @ chaintip throughout the campaign. The more we like your post, the bigger the tip!

Make sure to tag your tweets with #BringYourBchHome, and mention @ BitcoinOutLoud to be considered. Good luck, and please do help spread the word!

(In case you’re wondering, I am not the original creator of this idea, or the two images in this post. But I am running this campaign!)

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Written by   31
6 months ago
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