A Viable Plan for Merchant & Meetups in your Area.

Create a viable, well-organized, thoughtful and well-presented plan for onboarding 10 merchants within a 6-block radius near your residence or place of business and holding 3 educational meetups in that same 6-block radius.

  • keep costs low for this first stage
  • little or no paid advertising
  • use the bitcoin.com wallet or another suitable one
  • highlight local.bitcoin.com
  • describe your educational component
  • write your 30-second sales speech for merchants
  • give the program for the 3 meetups (with details, guests, etc)
  • demonstrate possession of a camera with a microphone so you can produce video
  • explain how you will use local.bitcoin.com or some other tool or technique for making your nascent BCH merchant enclave sustainable, ideally self-sustaining and growing
  • include a video of yourself presenting your plan
  • demonstrate your commitment, passion, understanding of BCH and the principles of liberty.
  • tell us why you want to execute the plan you created.
  • show the area you want to target and why. Use google maps.
  • tell us your real name and show your face
  • try to build a team of at least 2 total people but identify clearly who is the leader of the team Acceptance is exclusively at my personal and subjective discretion. Successful plans will be offered funding so you can execute. This is not an academic exercise.

Preference will be given to the cities of Lagos, Nigeria; Mumbai, India; and Caracas, Venezuela but that by no means rules out other cities. I would love to see cities other than these win this.

Ask your questions and receive mentoring here: https://t.me/BitcoinCashSupport



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@BitcoinCashSite posted 2 years ago