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How to Receive Bitcoin Cash on the Wallet: A Bitcoin Cash Tutorial

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11 months ago

Bitcoin Cash is a global network that can help you be more prosperous.

This tutorial will teach you how to receive Bitcoin Cash using the wallet.

Click the receive button top right.

Be sure the BCH option is selected at bottom. This wallet can also receive Bitcoin BTC and SLP tokens.

The large black image in the middle is a QR code of one of your Bitcoin Cash addresses. QR codes make it easy to transfer complex information visually. Someone who wants to pay you can scan the QR code with their wallet and instantly get your Bitcoin Cash address.

Below the QR code is your Bitcoin Cash public key address in the “cash address” format. Click it to get the same address but in Legacy format. It is recommended that you use the cash address format at all times in order to avoid confusion with Bitcoin BTC addresses.

Inside your wallet are many public key addresses. You can request a new address from the wallet at any time in order to keep payments separate from each other on the blockchain. This is helpful in order to protect your privacy. All coins you hold on addresses inside your wallet are all spendable from your wallet.

To generate a new public key address, click the circular arrow button to the left of your current address.

You can program your QR code with a specific requested amount, like an invoice, by clicking Add Amount above the QR code. Enter the amount you wish to be paid and click continue. If you need to change the amount, click the X next to it, and try again.

To get paid presentially, just show your receiving screen, with the QR code visible, to the person paying you.

If you want to get paid remotely, you have two options.

You can share your QR code by clicking the share icon top right. This will enable you to share an image of your QR code via many messaging apps.

Or you can click the copy button below your public key address and paste it into an email, messaging app or anywhere else you might need it.

The wallet will notify you when you receive a payment. Return to the home screen to verify your new balance. Click on My BCH Wallet to get transaction details and even set a personal memo for the transaction.

Receiving Bitcoin Cash is easy, fast and always free. You can receive Bitcoin Cash from anywhere in the world, instantly and without paperwork, even across borders.

Congratulations! Now you know how to receive Bitcoin Cash. Keep learning more about Bitcoin Cash so you can prosper, and help others benefit from Bitcoin Cash, too!

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Written by   277
11 months ago
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