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Building DeFi on Bitcoin Cash: a Livestream Interview with Herman Schoenfeld of CashSQL

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11 months ago
Topics: BCH, Bitcoin Cash, Defi

DeFi is coming to Bitcoin Cash and today at 22:00 UTC / 1700 New York we're speaking with BCH builder Herman Schoenfeld of Sphere 10 Software.

Herman is building CashSQL, an innovative new BCH layer. See his flipstarter here:

Watch live at 22:00 UTC / 17:00 New York!

Or listen to the podcast:

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Is this a viable and possible option? Impervious to the flashloan vector hack that is plaguing the DEFI later? How do you make it flashloan proof?

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11 months ago

So nice. Very helpful article. You are great.

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User's avatar Rrr
11 months ago

nice article. it's very hopeful articles

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11 months ago

Wow 😲

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11 months ago