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Our Roadmap to Bitcoin Cash Adoption - 2020

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There's more to Bitcoin Cash than just being a Digital Currency. So much to tell with proves to show that the initial vision of Satoshi could be fulfilled in Bitcoin Cash.

Satoshi Made mention of this on his White paper, " A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution".

There are over thousands of crypto Currencies which surfaced after Satoshi's Bitcoin which could not fulfill all of this till date. In 2017 there was a fork which gave birth to Bitcoin Cash. This resulted from some discords where proposals to increase the block size of Bitcoin where made and declined. Some Developers thought it right to split after seeing that Bitcoin's future might not suit the Vision anymore.

Today, Bitcoin Cash has been able to increase the Block size to 32mb with can Proccesses thousands of Transactions at the same time without a third party, permission less and fast. With this innovation on the Bitcoin Cash BlockChain, a lot of businesses could thrive, performing transactions using a digital currency on a digital platform with micro or now fees as always been the dream of the world. Bitcoin Cash is here to fulfill those dreams.

In the same spirit, Efforts have been increased round the globe to ensure the Success of Bitcoin Cash's Vision. One of the major Efforts dwell on Adoption, Letting the world know about Bitcoin Cash, it's opportunities and how to Build Businesses on Bitcoin Cash.

Our Roadmap to Bitcoin Cash Adoption


  • Bitcoin Cash MeetUp Akwa Ibom, Nigeria:- First on the map is BCH MeetUp at our base location, Mkpat Enin LGA on the 11th of January, 2020. This is going to be the first ever BCH MeetUp hosted in the Southern Part of Nigeria, the Aim of the Meetup is to Enlighten the Community about Bitcoin Cash then metamorphos into Onboarding of Merchants within the community.

  • Creation Of Lazyfox Tasks:- At least after the Meetup, we will have a good number of persons now Interested in Bitcoin Cash. At first they might not develop interest in purchasing the coin, so this Lazyfox Tasks will help them earn their first bitcoin cash.

  • Onboard One Super Market, Within First MeetUp Location: Once they finally earn Bitcoin Cash, some would want to test it's efficiency in transacting for a purchase. That will lead to Onboarding a Merchant (Supermarket). Here they could buy and pay with Bitcoin Cash. Target Supermarket - Right way Supermarket.


  • Bitcoin Cash MeetUp Akwa Ibom, Nigeria:- This would be in a different location, the State Capital, Uyo LGA.


  • Create an SLP token: By this time, we've might have had enlightened Persons in two locations, This SLP Token will be Integrated later in September into a Delivery Service.

  • Create BCH Merchandise: In order to add color and dominate the physical space, we'll create some BCH branded merchandise. Users will receive SLP tokens as Discounts on purchase of the Merchandise.


  • Onboard A Merchant (Boutique):- Already we've spoken to Two boutiques located at Eket LGA of Akwa Ibom State and we share some BCH with them earlier worth $5. We have chooses April for the Onboarding process because before now, The $5 we sent them would be worth $9-$10. With that they'll understand more how BCH works.


  • BCH Meetup Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria: - This would be in a different location, Eket LGA of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.


  • Establish A Bitcoin Cash House: - This would be one of our biggest Projects on the Roadmap to BCH Adoption. The Cash house would be a Hub (an internet Hub) with a section for a Cyber Cafe which could metamorphos into a Computer Training Center in Future.


  • Bitcoin Cash MeetUp Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria: - This would be in a different location, Ikot Ekpene LGA of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

  • Onboard Small Scale Businesses: - This will cut across all locations inwhich we have held a Meetup. This will encourage Business Startups to build businesses with Bitcoin Cash from Scratch.


  • Bitcoin Cash MeetUp Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria: - This will be held in a different location, Ikot Abasi LGA of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.


  • Establish A Delivery service: - This would be our first ever BCH use case that would spread bitcoin cash across Akwa Ibom State.

  • Launch Our Online Stores: - By now we've achieved our goals of Onboarding Merchants across the major locations of the State and we have a Delivery service. Our Online store will be launched and Merchants can sell and get goods delivered to the locations of the Buyers with our delivery service all with Bitcoin Cash.



  • Bitcoin Cash Merchant MeetUp, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria: - This might be a virtual or physical MeetUp but this time the purpose of the MeetUp won't be to Enlighten about bitcoin cash but to coach Merchants on how to expand their business, how to Invest their profits on Bitcoin Cash and how to escape volatility with DeFis


  • Reports On Achievements on our Roadmap.

Reach Out

+2348163263125 - Whatsapp

Special thanks to @Stockleezy @Test75785 @Omar@MarcDeMesel and so many others for supports on the Adoption Of Bitcoin Cash.

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Written by   104
3 months ago
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I'm excited for this part. SLP attracts my attention a lot ^^

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nothing planned for October? :)

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3 months ago

We'll be marketing our Online Stores then, Plans for September gets across to October 🙂.

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