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2021 is definitely a revolutionary year for the Bitcoin Cash Community. So far, a lot of projects have surfaced, more are yet to be hatched, opportunities for every one to get involved on the Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem.

One of such Opportunity to get involved is the Satoshi's Angels Global Merchant Adoption Campaign. The campaign is actually one of it's steps towards driving cryto Merchant adoption to Bitcoin Cash. According to SatoshisAngels webpage portraying this opportunity, it is a mission is to help crypto (Bitcoin Cash) to be used as daily cash (Peer to Peer Transactions).

Our mission is to help crypto to be used as cash daily.

We help merchants to accept crypto at business, and we get users to spend crypto.

What Is Merchant Adoption?

A merchant in simple terms is a person or company who trades over commodities produced by another. In terms of Bitcoin Cash Merchant Adoption, it means a person or company who trades in exchange for Bitcoin Cash.

The Campaign of Merchant Adoption for Bitcoin Cash is an opportunity where you get to convince a business to accept to trade commodities for Bitcoin Cash. By so doing you have affiliated then as Merchants and that process is called, Merchant Adoption.


One may ask, what are the Rules to get a business adopted as a Bitcoin Cash Merchant? For this particular Merchant Adoption campaign, there are listed rules for a business to be adopted as a merchant. They include;

  • Online Businesses/Brick and Mortar businesses with Physical address and store front are eligible for adoption.

  • Businesses Already accepting Bitcoin Cash are not Eligible

  • You can onboard a merchant using any BCH integrated payment services. Examples of such are; Crypto Wallets ( wallet, Edge Wallet, Paytaca, Luno etc.), Crypto payment apps (’s BCR Register, or Anypayinc), Payment services with fiat settlement such as GoCrypto, Bitpay etc

  • Make a tweet including a Photo or Video ( Ex. what you purchased,

    storefront, or a “selfie” at the business) on Twitter with the hashtag #acceptBCH and tag @SatoshiAngels

  • Mail The name, website link or Twitter handle, Location (city and country) of the new business to

How To Participate

Get a new business to accept BCH with any payment service

2. List the business on a directory (such as, Anypay, or GoCrypto)

3. Tweet and get an extra $5

4. Submit the business information (form or email)

5. Collect your cash.

Note: You can onboard Merchants from any of these locations North America, Europe, South America, Australia & New Zealand, Southeast Asia, East Asia (China etc), Korea, Japan, Central Asia (Russia etc), South Asia (India etc), Middle East, Africa

How To List A Merchant on the Map

Being part of the tasks to fulfill to get your mission completed, here's how to get a business Successfully onboarded by you listed on the map.

Before you proceed, the following information will be required to successfully list a business on the map:

  • Name of the Business

  • Physical Address

  • Type of Business

  • Geographical Information (Google Maps Link: or Latitude, Longitude)

  • Other optional informations ( website, phone number)

Once these informations are handy, you can proceed to the listing. Simply follow the link fill out the required details:

Terms and conditions

Rewards will be distributed at the discretion of Satoshi Angels

2. Rewards will be distributed until the fund is exhausted

3. If the SA finds any fraudulent activity the participant may be disqualified at

any time.

4. Participants will receive the reward listed above in Bitcoin Cash for each valid

merchant they submit.

5. The SA reserves all the rights to change the bounty campaign or its rules at

any time. Participants will be notified through the official SA telegram &

discord groups in case of any changes to the bounty campaign.

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