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10 Bitcoin Cash Desktop Wallets

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2 months ago

10 Bitcoin Cash Desktop Wallets Recommended for You.

Earlier, we published an article 10 Bitcoin Cash Mobile Wallets where we listed some recommended wallets for use. We got a request from one of our readers asking us to put up an article on desktop wallets for Bitcoin Cash. That has prompted us to write this article.

Desktop Wallets are wallets that are compatible with Desktops, making it possible for you to store your digital assets on your desktop. While choosing a wallet, there are certain features you should look out for. These things include how accessible the wallet is, is it user friendly? Is it a non-custodial wallet? Are you in control of your private keys? They all make measures of a secured wallet.

Here's a list of some Bitcoin cash desktop wallets Recommended for you;

  • Electron Cash

  • Guarda

  • Armory

  • Exodus

  • BitPay

  • Atomic Wallet

  • Badger Wallet

  • Jaxx

  • Coinomi

  • Multibit HD

1. Electron Cash Wallet

Number one on our list is the Electron Cash wallet, forked out from the Electrum Walle. These wallet is compatible on desktop and also on mobile phones.

You Can store your Bitcoin Cash on your desktop using the Electron Cash wallet desktop version and most interestingly, it is easy to use and gives it's user a 100% control over their funds.

2. Guarda

Guarda is just another Desktop wallet that to store your Bitcoin Cash, although it is a multi-wallet, it also allows user full control of funds stored and it allows you to smoothly swap your assets from one coin to another without registration, limits and several other complicated procedures.

3 Armory

This is an open-source wallet with a multi-signature support feature that allows you to store your Bitcoin Cash. It is a desktop compatible wallet, easy to use with it's cold storage support where your private key could be stored offline for security purposes.

4. Exodus

The Exodus wallet is a user friendly wallet fully compatible only on Desktops. It is also a multi-wallet that stores several other digital assets including Bitcoin Cash. Unlike the Armory wallet, Exodus does not support the multi-signature feature.

5. BitPay

Get a safer storage on the desktop for your Bitcoin Cash assets. BitPay is a vast Compatible wallet, that gives its user full control of their digital assets. It also Supports a multi-factor security to give its user an extra security option.

6. Coinomi

Heard of coinomi? Well just like every other wallets listed he, Coinomi can be a desktop wallet for your Bitcoin Cash storage. There are lots of interesting things about Coinomi asides from storing your Bitcoin Cash, I guess you'll need to find that out yourself but for security, accessibility, zero fees, Coinomi is okay to go with.

7. Badger Wallet

Badger is a sub of Asides from storing your Bitcoin Cash, Badger allows you to also store all the SLP Tokens on the Bitcoin Cash BlockChain.

8. Atomic Wallet

This is another user friendly multi-wallet that allows you store bitcoin cash using a desktop. The atomic Wallet allows only the user access to the wallet with an encrypted private key. Interestingly, this wallet has an inbuilt exchange where you can exchange coins for other coins and equally exchange them for USD or your preferred currency.

9. Jaxx

This is also another popular Desktop wallets that let's you save your bitcoin cash private keys. Jaxx allows user to buy, sell, send and receive Bitcoin Cash on very Secured interface.

10. Bitcoin Unlimited

Looking for a desktop wallet with a high level of security, an active Community and online customer service that pays attention to every report from it's users. Bitcoin Unlimited let's you store your Bitcoin Cash by downloading and installing the wallet on your desktop.

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2 months ago
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