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Perial, A Devilish Dilemma - Chapter 5

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4 months ago

Recap Chapter 4

In the previous parts, I walked into hell, ended up sitting at the same table as the ruler of that place. The gift
I received allowed me to walk the earth like a good-looking human, travel to places where very few souls ever went, and obtain eternal devotion of certain lost souls.

These strengths will be used to accomplish my plan, a plan (S)He would never become aware of.

Start from Chapter 1

(The possibility of being in several places at once remains fascinating after a single life. Beauty and horror only pass through the picture.

When I allow it, I feel the pain of thousands afflicted, every orgasm in the universe, every tear for a lost loved one. Present only as an objective spectator stripped of emotions, human grief is seemingly just a waste of time.

Though I will need it to mold my children, pain and hatred will shape the new world order. An order in search of warmth, something she had been deprived of since her earliest memory. My children will create pure beauty from their pain.

Artists who do not suffer do not create powerful art.)

Formless I descend to Trantica, I move along the illuminated lanes. Huge distances are unthinkable when time and space are subordinate to your thoughts. I arrive at this very remote place, somewhere in the outer reaches of the cosmos. Where physical existence is impossible because of the continuous dimensional shifts. Here I am unreachable, between shifting dimensions I carefully plan my way. In this remote corner, in this nothingness, lies the origin for everything.

This is where the big book began, even before she created her first helpers. The force of the explosion created the dimensions by vibration and still does. Which is of immeasurable value for my development. This was once the cradle of perfect harmony. A stable connection of all possible molecules; perfection in its only pure form.

What was perfection, except temporary?

Perfection was a form, that after its splintering down to the last atom, causes a fallout that man calls the primordial soup. To then establish itself in every possible molecular connection and create a temporary unity again.

This spread is still taking place in an ever-expanding universe, an area Novemdecillion times larger than its initial form. Now all these connections, all tangible and intangible matter in the universe, must once again come to one implosion. From this arises the first, original, perfect form once again. The conclusive proof of the energetic harmony.

Imagine the beginning of time as a great sphere of the densest material. It is the material left over when a solar system disappears through a black hole. All that remains of a solar system is a medium-sized marble with an absurdly high weight. Multiply that marble by all the solar systems and voila; The residue, tested to the limit with every big bang, is simply perfection.

Man tries to create order in this chaos by presenting it chronologically, but the cosmos does not attach itself to seconds, only to the cycle that´s to be followed. Time does have any essence. As all matter travels in waves and in the end it will again consist of that unity of energy and matter. Nothing in the immense universe and beyond will ever be lost, it is a constant.

Spread over billions of light-years, the atoms clumped together irregularly in all possible combinations. Each combination arises from the same primordial soup, in origin, we are all one.

That is why everything is already fixed in the brain. Deep within hard-to-penetrate layers we know why, we recognize the unity. Her warmth is quickly forgotten by compulsions imposed by those who have never penetrated the protective layer of their skulls with thoughts.

Everything is connected to the same, non-physical, source. Whatever we think of, it is an image that has been seen before. It´s information we carry or receive as insubstantial ideas from surreal strangers. We are one with everything, one whole. A unity that is connected in so many ways invisible to humans.

Convincing mankind that it is nothing more than cells with memory is an arduous task. Will they ever come to that conclusion, realizing that they are nothing more than another animate object? Energy that it is only present because unfortunately this form also belongs to one of the countless possibilities. Unfortunately, because it has not yet produced anything positive. But that is also a part of the limitless options the universe has spawned.

The univers is, together we are her.

However, as a slave to his eyes, man is blind to what he cannot see. The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.

Only letting go of this reality, being able to accept that we exist in a much larger reality, is too heavy a load on his still underdeveloped brain.

VNV Nation - Illusion

Part Six is soon to be revealed.
This story is mine and was originally written in Dutch, I finally got around to working on the translation I hope you enjoy let me know in the comments.

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Written by   101
4 months ago
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Good work. Keep it up ❤️

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4 months ago

Thanks I will!!!

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