Do you believe in Magic? Part 5

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Here is where Part 4 ended:

Then one-night radio girl called me, she was upset and told me that I could not get married. That I should not get married, that it would be bigamy. That I would end up in jail, that everyone in Nicaragua would know. That our marriage was official and that over there it would be a crime.

The conversation lasted 5 minutes, then I ended it. She was not making any sense, when I asked her why all of a sudden it was official and how that was not a problem when she went over there with that Engel guy, she started flipping.

She was cursing me and I do not mean calling me names, I really do not know what or who was taking control of her.... or maybe I it can´t be. Did my stupid old spell trigger this?

Mysticism is like magnetism, if you don't have any you don't see any- As soon as you get involved you will attract more.

Part 5

That night I broke all bonds with radio girl. I used a lot of salt and cleaning rituals to counter the attack. Now I don´t want to brag, but whatever I did wiped her out of my life completely. We never met again, and yes I still wonder how she is doing. The entities that came with her were not lost to me. They kept showing up at first, but slowly faded as if that chapter was closed, for now.

Cabilah came by frequently at first and so did little feet. Cabilah had changed, at least her behavior. Now that I was no longer a threat she showed me a very different side of herself. After my son was born we moved to Spain, maybe it was due to me starting a whole new life but the visits became less frequent.

Loreena McKennitt - The Mystic's Dream

The only one that did not leave was Saimin, she stayed, she kept teaching me about my past and how I was struggling with my ego. which was not that strange, I went from a life in which I was very comfortable and in control and stepped into the big unknown where I was a huge nobody.

That is quite a change if 18 months prior you were still performing in front of a couple of thousand people. But I needed this change, I was not evolving at all anymore and that was my key purpose.

Now let´s get back to where I left off. I had not used a spell in years, not after what happened that last time. But here I was, sitting in the middle of nowhere somewhere after midnight. Watching the moon and the stars shine on this Spanish valley. These last couple of years I had lived the dream.

I had lived in harmony with nature.

I had untied myself from my old life.

I let go of what people that I thought mattered told me.

My Mother Told Me

But at the same time...

I had struggled so hard these last couple of years to make ends meet.

I did not see if I was on track or not and therefore I might have made another stupid mistake.

I used magic.... again.

I weaved a spell between me and the company I just applied to. The financial insecurity I had experienced for years was getting too much. I bound myself to the company with the promise we would make each other money, a good amount of money.

I got the job, and spend the next 10 years fixing stuff I had not paid attention to for 20 years. At the same time, I imprisoned the wizard. I was not able to thrive in the corporate world while keeping my mind in the spirit realm. It indeed took me 10 years of busting my butt to clean up my mess.

Gotye - Hearts A Mess

It seems to come with the territory, if your head is in the clouds you don´t look at the clutter on the ground. Wizards and Witches have the tendency to let the clutter pile up, as they know it only matters in this world.

Now I did not forget my lessons, I forgot to practice them. I did not forget to say thank you to the earth and moon. I forgot to give back for what they gave me.

It was time to take a step back, sit back, and listen. It took a giant kick in the butt to see again. It took my grandfather to become my guide and tell me what a fool I am. That was one thing among many things he told me, maybe it was even he who told me that I was supposed to be born as his son?

What he also did reveal was something that occupied me since my childhood, two paintings on the wall behind the dinner table. The lady and the gent were very well dressed, had a slightly pale complexion and this unearthly look in their eyes. I always wondered about those two, they held a huge secret.

Ruelle - Secrets and Lies

The only thing my grandfather told me was that they do hold a secret, and that it was no wonder I was attracted to those paintings. My mother sold them and never looked back I know that does not matter. But it feels like there was a clan, a covenant, or something brought back from the old country. Call me crazy but I felt like something had been brought to Europe from across the Mediterranean, it happened centuries ago.

That was not the kick in the butt, as that kick was way more down to earth and is for another time and another story, but when I finally listened again after that kick, the word was bloodline.

Prepare the road so the bloodline can be carried on. You know have learned to balance your soul between earth and heaven, now this is what you will need to develop and once developed teach.

Eye of Melian - Vita Nova

The financials can now be supplied, as you have learned to combine all your lessons. to create the Refugio Flujo Interminable. A place that will be passed on from blood on blood, a piece of earth that is meant to teach those that will relieve the sufferings of the people.

I have seen the place in meditation, I am sure I will recognize it when I find it. This never-ending flow is based on what I saw before the meditation ended.

The end starts with the beginning which is a big ball, or may multiple balls of the densest matter you can imagine floating in absolute darkness. A marble of this matter would weigh more than planet earth. The density keeps increasing as the matter is pushing in on itself. After millions of year the pressure has created a molecular structure that contains enormous amounts of presurized energy and there will be a point it can not absorb any more and will explode with a huge bang. An explosion that would shatter the pressurized matter bits and pieces in never-ending waves throughout the vast nothingness. Like any good explosion, it would keep expanding, and as there is nothing holding it back the expansion seems endless.

But at the core of the explosion, there will come a turning point where the outward pressure turns inward again, and very slowly the reverse process will take place until there is nothing left but a huge ball of mega-dense mass?

Muse - Supermassive Black Hole - Acoustic Cover - Tiffany Page

Is that the enternal flow, is that how the universe shrinks and expands. The never ending waves of energy pulling in and out like the tides here on earth.

And in that endless continuum of Space and Time, what is a human? What should a human do, other than ending the suffering of his fellow humans?

Saimin was my voice, my voice, my message for the future.

The Voice (Celtic Woman)-Her Cover

The refugio will be based on that voice and knowledge that was gathered during eons and shared through time. Knowledge that might be looked up to as magic by some, but is magic nothing less than science we do not understand anymore.

Or as Arthur C Clark said: Magic is just science that we don't understand yet?

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

Post Scriptum

Dear reader, someone wanted to make sure you got the picture, the right picture of what America looks like. America is not a grey, not a lizard, America looks like 3 balls of light that can move independently...something like this.

Dear Reader, Mysticism is like magnetism, if you don't have any you don't see any- As soon as you get involved you will attract more.

If you believe, all I wrote has truly happened.

If you are not convinced.

If you think I am full of it, I understand. I have been there in this life, but someone had another plan in store for me.

That someone was the me from 1500 years ago.

Source Gif Pixabay and goth in Midjourney edited by @eve66

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