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BitCoin Baby - Day 4 "To Trade or Not to Trade"

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1 year ago
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What happened during my first 4 days in the BTC Universe?

Well, I got on the crypto rocket and it went full throttle on day one. I made back my 5 dollar buying fee in 30 minutes and the next morning my partial BTC was up 85 dollars.
If everyday would be like that....

Of course every coin has two sides. Especially a crypto coin, so on day two my gains melted from 85 dollars to less than $30. But still no losses. Day 3 came and went with ups and downs, but ended up at 50 dollar 🤑 profit. That $50 was after paying $9 in fees for moving my BTC into my Coinomi wallet.

Now it's day 4 and I got a push notification this morning that the BTC was up 6%, and me I am at $90 and that is after fees.

Still I make more money working, but in this case the money is working for me and I am just checking the stats and bragging about it😜. But as mentioned on my Day 2 blog, what goes up must come down and what is down should go up........ Should

Here goes nothing

Of course just watching my coins work is not enough... although honestly I put most of my investment in BTC´s that are not meant for trading.
But trading is the way to play.......and I wanna play all day with my BTC.
So I ordered 0.00428176 BTC to start my fantasy (which I did not know I had) of being a Crypto trader.

Where do I trade?
I do so @Bitmart.

Is it any good?
I Dunno!

Does it matter where you trade?
...... of course!

I Dunno...... But I will tell you later.

For now the friend that got me hooked on crypto advised me to use BitMart.

And if you use BitMart you need to know 2 things:

  1. Make sure you save some money set a side to pay your fees and save yourself 25% fees by paying in BMX (Go to your account settings and Flip the Switch).!

So make sure first buy is BMX, just so you can trade cheaper. Remember you pay like 0.25% fees for every completed trade. Depending on the trade volume the amount of BMX is calculated.

So I can only tell you that if you start with 108 dollar like I did you need about 1 BMX or less per trade. So For each $100 I suggest to get 75 BMX it will lest you a month if you make 2-3 trades a day.

2.The second point is the most important one, please use my referral link to get started

Trading seems so simple

So the advice I got low and sell high. Oh and full moons make people nervous and that means everything will drop.

And the truth is both seem to be true.
Can crypto trading truly be so simple?

Buy low sell high..... at the top right you see the Low and the High for the last 24 hrs. That is your best guidance for short-term buying and selling.

So in this case you would put in your buy just above the low, hence 0.00000080 and once bought you put them in at 0.00000109. Be careful not to mess up with all those 0´s, so best just remove the last digits when buying or selling.

So is trading as simple as it looks....?

I tell you tomorrow. But the act of Buying and Selling is indeed very simple. BTW just FYI make sure you validate your account to level 2 (intermediate). Otherwise you will not be able to withdraw what you invest.

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Written by   83
1 year ago
Topics: Bitmart, Bitcoin, Trading, Crypto, Mistake, ...
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