Bitcoin Unlimited Response to the Claim that our organisation supports BSV

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3 years ago

We recently ran a survey of the Bitcoin Cash community because your opinions are extremely important to us. Thank you to all of you who gave us feedback, it was much appreciated. If any of you would still like to complete the survey it can be found HERE. We gained lots of useful insights from this feedback and we intend to use this to offer even more value to the BCH ecosystem.

Some Issues We Need To Clarify

The survey did also bring to light a number of issues which require some clarity. One key issue that a number of respondents mentioned was that they felt BU was in support of BSV or BTC. We felt that this was something we needed to correct ASAP as this could not be further from the truth. From the moment the BCH was created (and even long before), BU has been working tirelessly in support of BCH through many different initiatives that were voted on by the BU membership. BU continues to have 100% of its resources devoted to supporting the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

Bitcoin Unlimited operates through a voting process whereby members of the organisation propose BUIPs (BU improvement proposals) which are then voted on by the membership. Proposals that receive the required number of votes in favour are considered to be successful and the organisation will support them. In this way Bitcoin Unlimited makes itself both guided by and accountable to its membership.

It is true that some (a minority) of BU members are supporters of BitcoinSV, and this can cause some conflict. This is unfortunately one of the many negative artefacts from a split happening in a decentralised currency. Even so, the Bitcoin Unlimited organisation has remained not only focused and functional, but also strongly in support of Bitcoin Cash. In fact, the BU membership and the organisation’s governance model has shown time and time again that BU is fully in support of BCH - a peer to peer electronic cash system. The voting results from the relevant BUIPs support this fact. Below you will find the voting results for all BUIP related to the BCH/BSV issue, and you will see that at every opportunity BU as an organisation has voted in support of BCH.

Where This Confusion Has Come From

We speculate that some of the confusion also comes from two sources. First, the fact that BUIP098 required BU to implement some features proposed by nChain that became part of BSV. BU implemented these features (after a BUIP was approved) for the miners to vote on them in the hopes this would avoid a split. Post-fork no BSV related commits were made and these features were removed. Additionally, many of these features are on the BCH roadmap (scalability, etc), so supporting implementation and compromise actually would further BCH’s goals.

Second, BU officers posted statements (in their own capacity, not as official BU statements) arguing to delay or stop the proposed CTOR feature. Dispute over a specific feature cannot and should not be construed as support for another blockchain.

It was important to also include BUIP127 “Partially re-weight 50% BTC to BCH” in this list (which was voted down) as this has been cause for some to claim BU does not support BCH, even in light of the significant evidence to the contrary. This specific issue requires a much more detailed explanation and therefore deserves it’s own article, which is to be published shortly.

We hope this has hopefully cleared up some of the confusion within the community, and shows BU’s continued commitment to Bitcoin Cash.

If you are interested in becoming a member of BU and help guide the organisation then get in touch HERE.

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This didn't clear up anything at all. Why didn't you guys decide to invest into BCH? All you said "was because the votes were cast and we decided against it". But what about WHY? That's what people are asking.

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