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Announcing VotePeer from BU

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Bitcoin Unlimited is proud to announce the release of the first phase of our new decentralised voting technology called VotePeer, as authorized by BUIP129. The initial version of VotePeer can be found at VotePeer is powered by Bitcoin Cash and allows anyone to easily set up a two-option vote using the simple and transparent voting protocol. Participating, verifying and tallying can be done through the SPV (Simple Payment Verification) technology in use in most bitcoin cash wallets and therefore does not require a full node.

The project documentation can be found at

“I imagine election voting contracts being used as building blocks for lots of applications. It’s a good tool for decentralised applications, for example forums, where moderators could transparently vote on moderator actions. But I see it also useful for normal applications, just out of convenience. I’d like to use it for my flipstarter overview site for approving flipstarter submissions.”

Dagur, Bitcoin Unlimited Developer

Using VotePeer you can:

  • Host a decentralised, on-chain, two-option vote.

  • Prove that an individual vote was counted.

  • Prove the non-existence of fake votes.

  • Prevent a single entity from having control of tallying votes and determining election results.

  • Allow only eligible individuals to vote in an election.

  • See votes in real-time using zero-conf.

This new technology can be used by organisations to manage key governance processes. Where in the past it may have required long, arduous meetings with all relevant stakeholders participating in-person, it is now possible to make decisions effortlessly with a tap.

“Hopefully, we can make online elections safer. We are currently in research and development mode, open-sourcing our tools and apps as they mature, and a paper. Our current research item is to figure out how to make the election process in the two-option VoterPeer smart-contract anonymous. Feel free to reach out at

Jørgen Svennevik Notland, Bitcoin Unlimited Developer

One of the first users of this powerful technology will be Bitcoin Unlimited itself. Bitcoin Unlimited has been successfully using a democratic voting system called BUIPs (Bitcoin Unlimited Improvement Proposals) and this new voting system will help streamline this process.

The release of this protocol concludes the first phase of BUIP129. The second phase of this project is to research how to make anonymous voting possible. Finally, the third phase of the project is to build the technology into an easy to use app and release it publicly for general use.

The purpose of releasing the software at this early phase is to find partners who can benefit from this technology to improve their governance processes, so please do not hesitate to reach out at if you believe this could be useful in your organisation.

We look forward to all the interesting ways the cryptocurrency community can use this technology to supercharge their governance processes!

Join the discussion around all the technologies that we are working on at

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Written by   38
1 week ago
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Its really interesting about what you said here in thst bitcoin unlimited is this an investment sotes or what my friend coz before in 2018 i hear a lot of that bitcoin unlimited.. I don't know if it is it the same company before what im heard for.

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I find it interesting the many things the blockchain technology has been to or should I put it will be able to do. I mean I never thought of the ease it would bring to the already existing online voting. If rightly implemented then we could conduct polls knowing fully well that the would not be rigged. Let's stay clued this tech is good.

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