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Remeber this if you have positive test of covid-19

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1 year ago

There are many rumors about the reliability of PCR test. Whatever be the the percentage of reliability we dont have other option to click.

At present there are two types ways for testing covid

  • PCR (polymerise chain reaction)

  • Antibody testing

What is PCR testing?

If a person is infected by virus. Then we take swab and try to detect thr genetic information of virus i.e. the RNA. This is the PCR testing.

PCR test is done in early stage before the formation of antibody or before our body starts its defense sydtem. It us to say , it is used to detect antigen.

This test is more effective before the virus enters into the lungs. When some has positive results he may not have symptoms because this test is done in intial phase , before our body starts to response .

There are different types of stages whilr testing the sample and us long process. Befire it used to take about 12 hours but nowadays with bettermrnt in kits it takes 3-4 hours to complete test. Due to long process there can be errors in dver steps.

I suggest if you get positive, for conformation do second test

There id 30% chance of false report. And dome of the developers nowadys havd clsim their product hsve 80- 85%reliability.

If the person suffering from many different virus and if he does PCR test then it is big question about the reality

Antibody test?

Antibody test is also known as serology test. It is a blood test to check whether it contains antibodies or not.

Antibody are the Y shaped proteins that are produced by plasma cells and is used by our immune system to neutralize the pathogenic foreign elements i.e virus , bacterias

By studying the above two types of testing methods we know that PCR is the early test where virus is detected by detecting its RNA where latter one doesnt have to do anything with virus because it test blood to find out antibody. And our body produces antibodies after being effected. We check antibody to get information that at past at sometime is he infected by virus or not?

Being posituve tested what you have to understand or try to know is

This are only when you are unable to get beds in hosiptals. Admitting to the hospital and being under the eyes of doctors is the best way to fight back. But in case if unable to admit in hospitals.

No doubt , we everyone follow one phrase

Before being wet we search for umberlla but after being wet who cares about the umbrella

We most of time follow preventive measures but since we live in society. We are all inter-related and interdependent. Only one person preventive measure won't be enough to fighg back covid virus.

In our surroundingd, when people start to show symptoms. They hide what is going on to them which is the reason why covid is widespread.

First of all either you are infected by covid 19 or not think that i am positive one and my duty is not to spread it further. This is ti remain isolated or for social distancing. Never dver feel sophisticated tk share whats is gappenjng to you. If you doubt even a 1% then temain aloof and try to consulg to doctor before testing covid.

And if your test is positive what you must do : is

1) know your Ct value

when we do covid test then we expect two results : positve or negative which gives indication of presence of virus but does not trlls about the load of virus tgat one carries. To know this, ask your Ct level to the testing center.

What is Ct value?

Ct in covid test stands for Cycle threshold. What is it? Lets not enter into the sone graphical definition. In a simple wotds

Ct value to understand it. We need to understand PCR testing. While doing PCR test we first convert RNA to DNA. Then we initiate amplification process in each cycle DNA gets double. Suppose we start with one DNA then in 10 cycle we get 2to power raised to 10 sample . At last we try to check presence of DNA in bulk sample.

Now if Ct level is 20 suppose then we need 20 cycle of amplification to detect the DNA. This is the significance of Ct value that it indicates the overload in sample. If a sample contains huge number of virus then Ct level is low. If less then , low number.

If we know our Ct value than we can see the chances of transmitting our virus. Also some scientist claims that there is no corelation between the Ct value and severity of patient.

But we are talk about the level of transmission . Higher Ct value higher chance of transmissiin. Lower the value low chancr.

But i suggest if you havr low value then go outside. Just be isolated.

Ct value is one of the way of finding overload. More overload very likely to get transmitted.

2) Check your oxygen level and blood pressure

One need to track the rating of heart beat. It is simple and don't need any skill.

Blood oxygen level is amount of oxygen that red blood cell of blood contains. Since, covid in genrally affects the lungs of infected person. Thus, not only infected one non infected one also must check oxygen level time to time.

Normal value of oximeter read is 95-100% and we consuder low when it gets below 90.

Ic it gets below then time ti immediate consultant with doctor.

3) consult with doctor

If you are posituve and in home isolation far from the sight of doctor. Then find a doctor by any means and do daily reportings of your conditions, symptoms.

4) Social distancing

This i not only with infected persons but to all whatever the studies says try to maintain a distance of around 2meter from others.

It is better to remain in room but if in case you have to go out.

5) Get fresh air

This is important all try to remain in open place rather than close inside room. This helps to maintain oxygen level in our body.

Most important thing to notice is that when getting fresh air. Don't go to places that are generally crowd. No doubt you get fresh there but you also transmit to more people.

6) Water

Our body is composed about 70% of water. So our body performs well when we maintain this level.

So try to take water. Don't go for excess amount but drink sufgicient water.

7) Food

Its your sense that may not find any test on foods. But remember that its not your tongue that need food its your body. Therefore, try to eat how much you have being having.

This is most important. Whoever eats are found to be recovered faster then others.

There aee also others things to remeber as

  • Toilets: used seperate one if you have attached then no problem.

  • Songs: Everyone likes music so try to listen muducs, songs of your choicr

  • Comedy: laughing is the ultimate medicine. Use you social medias like youtubes, tik tok to get some jokes or funny activities

  • Engage: Dont make your mind ideal , just do something. Either write poems, articles. Make you mind engage in some sort of activitues.

At last i prefer to say, if you get posiyivr result. First of all, get a bed in a hospital.

Who knows may there is after life or not. But we know we have life now.

Live it but don't become a reason to take other lives.

If your have anything yo say . You can and you know where you have to.

Thank you

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Written by   1
1 year ago
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While Corona is not positive, I think we should all follow these tips as a precaution.

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1 year ago

By the grace of God, I am still free, but it is not possible to say when it will happen. Those who have not been positive should also follow these tips.

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1 year ago

Thank you for your reply

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

How i wish the Corona virus will be put to an end already. So everyone's life will be back to normal again 😢

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1 year ago

Everyone wishes these but in reality it is becoming worst day by day

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1 year ago

That's a sad fact for today. Let's keep our faith to someone almighty to stop this deadly disease m

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1 year ago

Hmm lets hope so

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1 year ago