The Reasons Why We Must Adapt In The Age Of Digitization and Develop Our Potential

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In this era of digitalization, many changes have occurred, one of which is the difference in how to make money.

The shift in the culture of making money also begins to be felt when a certificate is no longer a determinant of whether a person can be accepted to work or not.

Many companies like apple and others open vacancies according to ability no longer a piece of university paper.

Now the most important thing is the portfolio, about what we have done, and what we can do with a job.

Digital transformation leads everyone to be able to adapt to the conditions of the times and start continuously upgrading their abilities.

Not without reason, according to data from a book entitled "Selling Change" by Robert E. Smith on page 14, stating that in the next few years 40 percent of workers in the United States are freelancers.

This situation is certainly triggered by digital transformation which opens up as many opportunities as possible for a company to recruit workers from wherever they come from and only use per project.

The existence of experienced freelancers certainly benefits the company rather than having to formally recruit workers and have to pay for insurance and the like.

This preparation can be done by honing skills in the field that they really enjoy.

Becoming an expert is mandatory nowadays, because only then will you be able to adapt to the times and compete globally.

By improving your abilities and becoming an expert in your field, working from home with internet capital can also make money or dollar coffers.

Perhaps the question that arises now is how to make dollars with internet capital and what skills must be possessed to do that.

Nowadays, there are many choices of skills that can be mastered and learned for free and are self-taught like learning through the YouTube channel.

After that, start doing research on what jobs global companies are looking for, you can research on Fiver or other platforms.

Jobs that are in high demand today are usually related to digitization, such as SEO experts, Digital Marketing, Content Creator and other types.

However, it is also possible that public works are needed and sought after, such as house design, budget calculation, voice acting and the like.

What I mean is that we just need to become an expert, master a skill and keep learning while opening up our services to the global market.

There are so many global markets that are looking for a freelancer today, which means that with internet capital we can make dollars as long as we have the ability.

In addition to formal work in general, nowadays we can make money by becoming content creators on YouTube or similar platforms.

For those of you who like to write, there are lots of online job vacancies that you can do from home and make money with internet capital

Of course it takes consistency to be able to produce and may be quite tiring.

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