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Billy Ray

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Billy Ray


 Carl Franklyn, 35 years old, businessman, came back to himself somewhat dazed, the narcotic with which he had been sedated was still running through his veins, he was well tied to a chair and bandaged, his eyelids were sealed with some kind of glue because he could not even open them, above a hood, only darkness and the meow of a cat accompanied him in that cold place where he was being held, when he heard a door open and close, he knew someone entered.


- I have a lot of money, the amount you are asking for the ransom I will pay!!!.

- Money is precisely what I'm looking for, Mr. Franklyn.

- Ok, now we're talking, it's a good sign that this blindfolded man doesn't want me to see your face, you're just looking for my money.

- That's right sir, rest a while, I'll be right back.


 Once again the door opened and closed and Carl was left alone with the meowing of the cat that kept him company in his confinement, who could have done this to me? taking away the company they founded together 7 years ago, he also stayed with his wife for a while, then left her, Caroline doesn't have the nerve to take revenge and the kids are still kids, John had blew his brains out 3 years ago years.


 Who else could be responsible? He had some enemies, business rivals and people he had trampled on since he was a boy, he didn't learn it from his father, he died in an assault when he was 15 years old, he learned it from Marcus Taylor, the partner of his dad, «this life is one of the strongest, take what is yours and if it is not yours, snatch it», maybe Marlene, his young and beautiful wife?, he met her at an office party, she was Peter's girlfriend Davies, a young engineer from his company.


I have no hesitation in falsely accusing him, he did everything so well that the asshole didn't even know, he was still in jail, then conquering a disappointed Marlene for her thief boyfriend was a simple thing, many things can be done with money and cunning, not Marlene , she did not suspect that he was responsible, the cat meowed and curled around her leg, again the door opens and closes.


- Well, Mr. Franklyn, how are you?

- Well, a little thirsty, who is doing that to me?

- You know very well that I'm not going to tell you, it's only for money, do you understand?

- I understand, how much is the ransom?

- 2 million, your company must surely have them, this will end soon, I'll leave it for a while and I'll be back.


 Motherfucker, years ago Carl Franklyn embezzled his own company, a practice that Marcus taught him, - you declare bankruptcy, auction everything, and the money is safely stored in an account in the Cayman Islands, a few months later you start again clean of straw and dust-, Carl knew perfectly well that the money was not in the company accounts, perhaps Marcus lent the money to Marlene to pay the ransom, surely it will be like that, Marcus loves me like a son, he always loves me. He says it, once again the door opens and closes.


- Have they already answered? Did you communicate with my wife?!!!.

- Since early, Mr. Franklyn, don't worry, it's going well, since we held it.

- Ok, maybe it takes a while to raise the money, everyone thinks I'm a millionaire because I have a big company, but appearances are deceiving, I work and fight like everyone else.

- I guess Mr. Franklyn, I'm going to ask you a question and I need you to answer it, do I need the bank information and access to your secret account in the Cayman Islands?

- What, secret account? I don't have any secret account, you're wrong.

- Well, think about it a bit, I'll be back in a few minutes.


The man played a little with the cat before leaving, Carl realized by how he purred with pleasure at the caresses, how the hell does this guy know that I have a secret account in the Cayman Islands? Damn, who is this guy? .


 At the Franklyn family home, his wife Marlene and mother whimpering, the police had cordoned off the place, the detectives were finalizing the details of the delivery of the money with Marcus Taylor, who dutifully offered to pay the ransom for the man who was almost Like his son. Far away, the door opens and closes.


"Have you thought better of it, Mr. Franklyn?"

- I repeat that you are wrong, I do not have any secret account, who informed you of this?

- Allow me the cat wants to tell me something, taking the feline in his hands, he brings it close to his ear, the little one meows a little. what did you say Billy Ray?

- Stop playing with the cat sir.

- Who informed me of his secret account in the Cayman Islands, is the same man who paid me 20 years ago to kill his father.


 A few minutes later, the custodians of the central bank arrived at the Franklyn house, transporting the 2 million dollars in cash to pay the ransom. Marcus Taylor had the future widow sign some promissory notes in exchange for the husband's company, a minimum detail in his game, to gain her trust, when the money was lost and Carl turned up dead, he would return the company, forgiving him the debt, showing his generosity and good heart, then he would help her recover the company with her husband's money dead, in the end he would keep everything, the company and the woman.


The end.



Original Content @BigBDP 29052022.


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Written by   19
4 months ago
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