Y7a as a hindrance in application's related to crypto-currencies

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2 years ago

Before going to start my blog i would like to wish a very beautiful, blessed , healthy, peaceful eid to everyone around the globe. As the blessed month of Ramazan ended up, which taught me lessons regarding tact and consideration for others, taught me how to control my desires and pleasure for sake of Almighty and also blessed me with inner strength. Let's get back to my reason behind such article.

I'm a user of Huawei, and last year in the month of September I bought a new cellphone named as Y7a. Actually it's huawei brand. The mystery happened while buying such phone was being unfamiliar with Google clash with huawei company due to unknown reason at that time. I wasn't acquainted with that this phone will be lack with Google play services. Means anything that install with play store will not gonna work on this smart phone.

Then why did I bought that?

Actually I was in the quest of cellphone having LED on it. The joy you'll find while LED screen is amazing. Because once i already experienced LED screen on vivo phone too. Which made me into conclusion that, if I'll buy any smart phone it must be off screen LED. The touch of ips screen is mind suc..ing(lol).

When I went to the shop with my younger sister, i asked them to show me a phone having LED screen. They brought Huawei sets and some sets of Samsung with the range upto 40k. The greenish color of huawei, and also the LED screen of huawei caught my attention and I decided to buy huawei Y7a. With continuous barging i bough it from 40, 000 to 32, 000 with some gift of Audionic speaker and key chain of huawei.

Well, when I came back home happily. I started some apps on Installing none of the app worked on this y7a. After some instructions written on the sealed box, i came to know about that instead of Plas store huawei has their own App gallery with petal search. Lol At that time it was quite different to get used to all these new innovations of huawei phone. Now I'm fine with phone and it's system.

But Huawei didn't accept anything related to Google like Google Classroom, Google meet, drive, map, photo Google play store, Google Map, Google play store etc.

G space helped me in such aspects, in huawei y7a where applications from play store was hard to download, became an easy task with the help of G-space. But still sometimes usually for crypto-currencies related app like Meta Mask, binance, trust wallet I found It difficult. Because in android phone which have Google play service, if you tap on any link, screen will automatically bring that interface but in G-space i have to go to each interface individually and separately which is little bit hectic.

If we talk about camera result of huawei y7a, i found It really amazing especially in the presence of sunlight it plays role none other than masterpiece (iPhone). Which gives me satisfaction in term of anything good in y7a except LED screen.

As day by day, my interest in cryptocurrency is getting high, so I'm thinking to switch my phone to another set.

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Note : everything I wrote is related to my own experience on y7a.

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2 years ago


I don't have experience of using this Mobile, but my friend had Huawei In past years and I know it's camera results was fantastic 🔥. But at that time we didn't use the crypto-currency so we didn't face such problem and also Eid Mubarak to you😘

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2 years ago

JazakalAllah for beautiful wish That great point also haha. Actually in recent years clash between huawei and Google appeared, so Google stopped their services from huawei.

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