Parents influence children's mental health

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The world upside down

My name is Carlos and yes, this is my story. I'm 7 years old, I know, I know, I know, I'm sure you'll say what's a kid doing writing this? Well, I think that as much as me and my story will be essential for my new goal, but I won't go any longer and I'll start this sad happy story.

I am a not so common child, I like the flashy and I see the world upside down, I see it in a different way to other people, positive, happy, very happy or well, that was until the day everything changed for me, my physical and mental health declined rapidly.

It all started one very ordinary morning, as usual I put on my colorful shirt and pants, finally I put on my flashy blue shoes and left for school. Before leaving I always say goodbye to mom and dad, but they were very strange and I didn't understand what was happening, I don't know how an adult thinks.

--- Bye mom, bye dad --- I shouted it in a cheerful way.

--- Ujum --- they answered at the same time

I just went out and didn't know more about it, during the way I was thoughtful, mostly my parents say goodbye to me with joy and love, today, they didn't make the attempt. I wondered what I did now.

I arrived at school and did not know what happens, it was not normal, many times the children talked about my appearance in a low voice and today they just stared at me without talking or something similar .... Before entering the classroom the principal asked to see me (something that never happened) she asked me if something had happened with my parents.

I went in and there were my parents, I didn't expect to see them, but in their face I could see the sadness in the distance.

--- What's wrong mom... Dad?

--- Carlos, you won't be studying here anymore --- mom said

--- WHAT?! WHY?! --- I asked

--- Don't you see yourself? Your way of dressing is very strange, you're a very strange boy --- said Dad.

I ran away, I couldn't stand the way my parents thought of me, I thought my way of being was special and unique, that's why they always looked at me with love, I understood that shame does exist and a 7 year old child can transmit that to his parents.

I came home and I just locked myself in my room, I just cried, I cried, I didn't eat, I didn't want to play, I was just sad. My body was no longer the same, I felt bad, headaches came all day long, a thousand questions and doubts about why I was different, why I had to be the same.

A whole month went by in which my health was not stable. Apparently that day my parents became worried and after so long, they managed to talk to me.

--- Carlos, can we come in? --- Dad asked

--- Yes --- I mentioned

--- I'm very, very sorry for what happened that day Carlos... I am a fool, you are special, unique and you see the world upside down, you see it in a wonderful way to others --- he said --- Forgive me, I support you in everything you want to do.

--- Yes, we support you son, you are special --- mentioned mom.

I didn't know what action to take, I just wanted to cry because I finally felt that support I needed so much. No words came out of me, I just hugged them, so tightly that I think the love was felt.

A full year passed, after that day, I went to the doctor, I was suffering from malnutrition and depression at a young age or so the doctor said. They took me to a person with whom I could talk and he was able to heal my head, it was very helpful.... Today I am happier than ever, because my parents no longer take into account the comments of third parties and support me, they accept who I am, without judging me and they listen to me too, that's great.

Well, so much for my story, I told you it was a sad happy story.


And this is an example of parents influencing children's mental health.

I hope you liked this story and that it will be of great help to you. Thank you very much for reading.

Remember that your mental health is important!

Let me know what you thought!

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Definitely life is about chilling through everything. Childs are not supposed to be sad or sober.

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1 year ago

This is true. Childhood is a learning stage, and if you only teach a child to feel sad or depressed, you are forging an adult who will need therapy or develop a great deal of trauma.

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1 year ago