Diet influences our mental health and moods

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It is no secret that a good diet helps our physical condition, but the relationship between proper nutrition and mental health is not so well known, considering that a good diet is essential, as it is closely linked to many brain processes.

We are often unaware of the additional benefits of good nutrition, i.e. what we digest has a direct impact on our mood.

By eating well, we can feel healthier and more positive to face our day to day lives. Including certain foods that increase levels of serotonin and endorphins, also known as ``the happiness hormones''.

Heraldo de Aragon

The relationship between good nutrition and mood is that when we are happy our appetite increases, while when we have negative or sad feelings our appetite decreases. Although the opposite effect can also occur.

In this case, I am going to leave below some of those foods that help us in a positive way:


-Dairy products



-Red meat

-Oily fish

-Dark chocolate


The consumption of these foods helps in a beneficial way and facilitates the increase of serotonin.


In this case, I will leave you here below the foods that are extremely negative for our mood:

-Refined sugar: Excess sugar affects blood sugar levels, causing a bad mood. Taking into account that in the organism chemical changes are created, causing a greater possibility of suffering depression.

-Transgenic fats: They are better known as junk food, consuming this type of food in excess causes depression problems in which the serotonin hormone is insufficient.


Finally, I will leave you some recommendations for your daily routine, which in turn, helps your good nutrition and health:

  • Have regular and orderly schedules for eating and sleeping.

  • Avoid caffeine consumption in case you suffer from insomnia.

  • Do not smoke

  • Restrict alcohol consumption

  • Exercise regularly

  • Disconnect from daily worries

We are in good health

I hope this article has helped you. Remember that your mental health is important too.

Let me know what you think!

You can read more about mental health in my other articles, each one has recommendations that will surely help you in this healing and recovery process. I'm proud of you, thank you for reading and being here.

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