Did you know that physical health can affect mental health?

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Yes, as you read in the title of this article, our physical health affects our mental health. You're probably wondering how does it do that? Well, here I will explain everything you need to know that can help you for sure!


This is called somatization, which is a process in which emotional discomfort is experienced or expressed through physical symptoms. For example, stress can cause headaches, backaches, nausea, among others. Interfering in the personal, social and labor development of the person.

We also speak of somatic symptoms, which are those that occur at the moment of feeling an exaggerated and extreme anxiety due to physical symptoms. Causing in people thoughts, sensations and a not particular compartment, being this very intense, making them feel that they can not perform any activity of their daily life.

There are several types of related disorders such as:

  • Factitious Disorder: is the simulation of mental or physical symptoms by illness.

  • Anxiety or illness disorder: It is when there is a concern or fear of becoming seriously ill. It is usually diagnosed when symptoms or fears are maintained for at least 6 months.

  • Conversion Disorder: Are those symptoms that interfere with the nervous system in the sensory fusion such as poor coordination to limbic paralysis, weakness, blindness, among other essential factors.

In addition to somatic symptoms disorder, another common one is anxiety disorder or illness.

Here are some recommendations that will surely help you:

*Change your way of thinking, it is important to think in a healthy way.

*Ask for help, going to the psychologist will help you and it is not superfluous to take care of your mental health, check that everything is all right.

*Do not avoid the problem, that is to say, you must verbalize what is happening to you, calling each thing by its name, with few words without avoiding to face it.

*Take care of your routine. Eat healthy, do activities that keep you active, review your lifestyle, it will help you to have more balance.

*Open yourself to others, that is, surround yourself with people who are healthy for your life, who support you, since feeling the support of other people is extremely essential.

*Positive attitude. I mean that sometimes a positive thought radically changes the mentality of a person, even if this was the cause of a real physical illness, a positive attitude makes that same illness change completely.

psychology and mind

Remember that our mental health is also a priority and sometimes it is not superfluous to go to a specialist.

I hope you liked and enjoyed this article. Tell me below what you thought and what is your opinion about it.

Thanks for reading this post and in my profile you can find more articles, tips or advice that will help you to have a stable physical and mental health!

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