Working according to passion or working with a high salary

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Hello friends, how are you? Hope everything will be fine. I? Thank God I'm fine too.

I have been inactive for almost 1 month in, not without reason. Now that I have started actively teaching, it means that my obligations are starting again, also I don't want to waste that responsibility, of course as a teacher.

By the way talk about work i have a question for all my friends read.zash. Which one will you choose? between working according to passion or working or working with a high salary?

Successfully completing work becomes a joy, as well as completing tasks or various activities given to us will be very pleasant if we are able to complete them. In living life, always wanting to do the best is everyone's dream. This forces a person to continue to learn and improve themselves.

In work, for example, if we want to have a good career, everything requires struggle and hard work. However, we often encounter people who are not serious in their work, as evidenced by working as they are, sometimes the work given is not completed for various reasons.

This will disappoint many people, leaders, company owners or co-workers will all feel uncomfortable if we do not apply this mandate in the workplace.

There are many things we can do to prevent bad things from happening by prioritizing and focusing maybe we can try. It is also important to continue to improve self-competence by continuing to learn. A good worker will do various ways for the purpose of becoming a person who is able to do a good job.

Being a person who is trustworthy in completing work tasks is an obligation, otherwise we will lose confidence, even the most fatal, we will lose our jobs.

In work sometimes there is so much work that we have to complete with time which is sometimes very urgent. In a situation like this, it takes a strong commitment and hard work coupled with focus and priority to complete the work given to us.

We have to build a commitment with ourselves in order to have a sense of responsibility to get our work done. If the commitment has been built, it will appear hard work in us to continue to complete the given task.

There are some tips that we can try so that we always have a commitment to complete our work.

1. Discipline yourself

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Every day before starting any activity or before doing work, in the morning it's good to plan what we will do for one day. Doing planning with discipline every morning might make it easier for us to complete every job.

Before going to bed, we should also evaluate ourselves how the work we did today.

By remaining disciplined in planning and evaluation, our work will be completed according to the predetermined schedule.

2. Create a priority scale

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All work is important but it is very important to prioritize which work we have to finish first.

Priority will keep the work from piling up and we can complete the work well on schedule.

Prioritize the most important work before doing the non-urgent work that we have to do so we can get all of our work done.

3. Focus

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As long as there is work given to us, we must focus on completing it because there will be many distractions that we will receive when we want to complete the work. A possible distraction is the temptation to look at social media until you lose track of time. Coffee with friends who spend a lot of time and are less productive.

So the focus on getting the job done should be done by keeping the phone away while working. Refuse to drink coffee if we have work to do. If we focus on getting the job done, the job will be completed within the allotted time.

Work becomes a routine that we do, by working we will get rewarded for meeting needs. Doing good will keep the door of our sustenance. So it is very important for us to prioritize and focus on work so that we continue to have work.

Let us continue to maintain the quality of our work because our families and children need the results of our hard work to meet their needs.

Keep the spirit of work by making priorities and always focused.

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