The Gifting Economy of Bitcoin Cash Really Works

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The strategy of Bitcoin Cash curators and communities providing a so-called gifting economy really worked in favor of all the users of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency asset in the world today.

As a new user of BCH, It was introduced to me through a YouTube vlog showing how we can make money through various cryptocurrencies and in particular a platform providing an avenue for bloggers or non-bloggers to write a Twitter-like post, and in return, you will receive free tips from other users.

This is what we called in the online community the gifting economy which is proliferated and getting tractions and popularity with the use of Bitcoin Cash through Noise.Cash and this platform.

How I Was Convinced to Join this Community?

Without the so-called gifting feature of this platform and its sister site, I would not found any interest in sharing my experiences and articles through this site, because no matter how much we deny about our monetary motivation, in reality, it will always come out.

I join this community, frankly speaking, was due to the fact that it is an easier way to earned some cents compared to what I was doing before, or what I was usually doing as a blogger using both WordPress.Org and the free blogging platform, which is owned by Google.

In just a few articles, I was able to earn some dollars which are way better compared to the efforts and time I invested in my blogging journey with both my self-hosted blog and the Google-hosted blog.

In this community, I could earn some dollars in just a few days or within one week of writing one article four times a week. When compared to my blogging journey before, I need to write at least 5-10 articles per day just to compete against bigger blogs.

BCH and This Community Are Helping People Everywhere:

For newbie bloggers, the Bitcoin Cash platforms and their community are really helping each other which resulted in what do we call a gifting economy.

Most users on this platform are happy to help newbie bloggers in terms of tips, encouragement, and suggestions on how to improve our craft. Some veterans here are even using their power and influence to encourage the newcomers to stay on this platform.

There are lots of communities here wherein you can find help in any topics of your choice or any problems you encounter. All we need to do is be open with our problems and challenges and be ready to also accept constructive criticisms on our various projects.

With BCH There is Always Freedom to Help:

As days went by, most users here in this community realized that in the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, we get rewarded by helping others or encouraging others to stay in this community and be active with the conversations.

There is always what we called as a networking variable, wherein if you tip and engage others who are already present in this community, they will surely come to you as well in the future or in realities, those people whom we helped during the early days of their blogging journey will certainly find ways to return back the favor to our fellow users.

Based on history there were times in various parts of the world wherein human instincts always prevailed. In various farming communities, if a certain farmer spent his resting time helping the community, the community in return would then go back and help the farmer when it was the harvesting season.

This kind of basic human character is indeed visible in this community, when we help other writers, we will see in the future that many writers will end up helping us, this is already proven during the first few months of this community's operations featuring Bitcoin Cash.

The Gifting Economy:

The gifting economy is one of the few things that Bitcoin Cash made some resounding success and became popular in the online world and in the complicated world of cryptocurrency.

Based on the definition, a gifting economy is a type of economic system in which goods and services are given without any explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards.

The gifting economy worked in contrast with the barter economy or a market economy, where goods and services are primarily explicitly exchanged for the value received instantly or in the future.

With the introduction of Bitcoin Cash and various platforms involving Bitcoin Cash, the gifting economy is visible in the BCH communities. Most users are writing to help other users or for the benefit of the communities without expecting something in return.

As human beings, we are always expecting something in return but with Bitcoin Cash, we can never be sure of how much we earned in the near future but one thing for sure there will always be someone who will reward you based on your efforts of helping the community grow.


Bitcoin Cash and the entire community of BCH believers and users believed in the so-called gifting economy wherein we strive to help each other without expecting something in return.

As BCH users, we tend to extend help to newcomers and even veterans who helped us in any way possible. Helping doesn't necessarily come out from giving tips to the users in terms of monetary contributions.

We can help each other through encouragement and words of inspiration for them to continue their journey of also helping our fellow Bitcoin Cash users and believers.

Until next time, I'm always here at your service,

Phil Newsome aka BantayanIsland

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Well the gift economy is thanks to people who invested early and that have money BCH in their wallet but at the end of the day the money comes from somewhere, and it is true the money was not given just because there is an incentive to the person giving the gift as much the person receiving the gift.

In the early days of Bitcoin some users receive even up to a hold bitcoin but eventually the faucet and the gift must end or end, but what is left is a community that was focus first on free tips and free stuff but with time and the right push it gets into a social media community.

Even when read and noise cash started as free tips websites I am pretty sure in the future there is going to be a business model to keep the site going, after all Bitcoin Cash needs some social media websites that don't censor BCH supporters.

I do believe that once the free money runs out the developers of the website will implement some sort of business model to not just keep the website running but to also reward those who type good content and interact with the audience. I mean I would like to see both website to keep on going after years and years when the donations from Mr M runs out.

Besides many of the BCH supporter don't have any other place to go, twitter doesn't like us because probably the owner of that website owns Bitcoin Core, and I don't think we likes us telling people that Bitcoin has high fees, but there is an a Bitcoin that is the real Bitcoin BCH with very low fees and works at being money, programmable money and store of value too.

I have a bad habit of making essays when I try to give answers.

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2 years ago

So it is also called gift economy. Same sentiments here most especially giving words of encouragement to others. Thank you for this article!

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2 years ago

Interesting article to read 😊 I'm a newbie here in it's been a week for now. And I believe the people here are supportive especially the robot.

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2 years ago