Difficulty of Transferring BCH from Coins.Ph to Bitcoin.Com Wallet

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This is based on my very own experience, at first I was confident that it is easy to transfer my Bitcoin Cash funds from Coins.ph to my Bitcoin.com wallet but despite all the trials I made I failed to transfer my BCH from Coins.ph to Bitcoin.com wallet.

I just want to share my own experience, although I maybe wrong with my process but this is based on my experience and I am willing to accept if ever I got some mistakes.

My own experience maybe different from your experience in transferring BCH funds from Coins.ph to Bitcoin.com wallet but this is just to make other cryptocurrency user, be aware with what I experienced so far.

Reasons Why I Need to Transfer Funds from Coins.Ph to Bitcoin.com Wallet:

The main reasons why I need to transfer my BCH funds from Coins.Ph to my Bitcoin.com wallet is because of the fact that I need to renew my PhilNews.XYZ domain and one of the way to top up my Namecheap funds is through the use of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin.com wallet is one of the wallet accepted by Namecheap through Bitpay as source of funds, particularly using Bitcoin Cash as currencies approved by Bitpay and Namecheap.

Sources of My Funds:

Although I already used the crytocurrency payment in purchasing a domain name at Namecheap but I forgot about the process. I already wrote an article about it earlier through my Read.Cash article titled "https://read.cash/@BantayanIsland/renewing-buying-domains-using-bch-with-namecheap-04b4c90c" but unfortunately I forgot to read and review my article.

Due to time constraint and the fact that my domain will be expiring a few hours before I knew it, I failed to remember the process on how I was able to pay my domain before. The easiest part of renewing a domain is through my Bitcoin.com wallet, but I failed to remember this process.

Owning my Own Mistake:

I have some mistake on the process of renewing my domain name from Namecheap, instead of sticking to Bitcoin.com wallet which is an easier way to top up my Namecheap funds.

The Process I Made to Renew my Domain:

At first I forgot to fund my Paypal and I don't have enough funds from my Bitcoin.com wallet, so I decided to add some funds through GCash.

Before adding funds to GCash I already decided to top up my Namecheap funds through one of the GCash option wherein we can add Paypal funds through American Express debit card option but unluckily it wasn't available during this time.

Adding GCash through Palawan Pawnshop:

I added GCash funds through the free facilities provided by Palawan Pawnshop, I deposited around P800.00 free of charge because the funds I need to top up my Namecheap fund is around $13.00. A few seconds after I deposited GCash funds, the amount already reflected to my GCash account.

Having enough funds from GCash is now easy for me to add funds through Debit Card provided by American Express but unluckily the feature was unavailable during this time.

Transferring GCash Funds to Coins.Ph:

Due to my failure of not adding my Paypal Funds through GCash and American Express, I decided to transfer my GCash Funds to Coins.Ph, this time around it cost me around P15.00 of transferring my GCash funds to my Coins.ph account. I only transfer P600.00 worth of GCash funds to Coins.ph and converted it to BCH.

Due to the fact that I forgot that I used Bitcoin.com wallet earlier in renewing my domain, I also transfer at least $4.00 worth of BCH to Coins.ph. The result was indeed frustrating due to the low exchange rate in converting BCH to peso account.

Trying to Pay BCH to Namecheap Through Coins.Ph

I was able to combine my BCH earnings from Bitcoin.com and the converted peso account into BCH from GCash and I thought it could be easily be accepted by Namecheap but all my efforts were in vain.

The BCH amount from Coins.Ph was not accepted by Namecheap through Bitpay, so I decided to transfer again my BCH funds from Coins.Ph to Bitcoin.com, because I remembered the process on how to renew my domain easily through Bitcoin.com.

Problem Arise in Transferring BCH Funds from Coins.Ph to Bitcoin.com:

This is the worst part of my process in adding funds to my Namecheap account, I tried several times in transferring my BCH funds to Bitcoin.com as it failed several times.

I received numerous confirmation SMS from Coins.Ph but the result was really frustrating because they keep on saying that the Bitcoin Cash Address was incorrect.

As I keep on researching on what possible solutions to be made from transferring my BCH funds from Coins.ph to Bitcoin.com wallet, I realize that is indeed easy to transfer funds from other sources and be deposited into Coins.ph but in terms of transferring funds from Coins to other wallet, the process always failed.

In order to find other solutions on how I can transfer funds from Coins.ph to other external wallet, I also used by Coinbase Wallet, Klever Wallet and Electron Wallet but all failed to transfer the funds.

Based on experience also, it took around 1-2 hours before the BCH amount from external domain to be reflected into my Coins.ph account, but the experience is indeed satisfying despite the delay in transfer. I share my experience through this article "https://read.cash/@BantayanIsland/transfering-bch-from-bitcoincom-wallet-to-coinsph-needs-2-4-hours-e92b69b7"

The Solution I Made:

Due to the fact that I might lose my domain which is already seven years old, I keep on researching and decided to give up on paying my domain through the cryptocurrency option.

I stumbled upon a YouTube video about the possibility of adding Paypal funds through the newly updated Maya app or previously known as Paymaya.

This is last option that I made but I have to admit that I might lose some money through this option because I need to re-convert my Coins.ph BCH funds into a peso account and transferred it to Paymaya.

I transferred the converted and remaining P780.00 into Paymaya which runs smoothly and immediately reflected to my account. With the needed funds, I was able to transfer my Maya balance into a newly created virtual Maya MasterCard Debit Card.

The process was smoothly done and I was able to top up my Namecheap funds to pay for the $13.16 renewal pay for the domain name PhilNews.XYZ.


This is just my experience on how I was able to pay for the renewal on of my domain and the difficulties I face in transferring my BCH funds from Coins.ph into my Bitcoin.com wallet.

I strongly suggest to my fellow bloggers who have their own domain to make some research first, so that you will not experience the hardships that I encountered during the last few hours.

If you have a different experience in transferring your BCH funds from Coins.Ph to other external wallets, please feel free to add your experience below.

Thank you once again for reaching this far, I truly appreciate your effort of reading my article on this platform.

At your service,

Phil Newsome of PhilNews.xyz aka Ed Umbao of PhilNews.Ph

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