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How to manage time:

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4 months ago

If you don't have enough time so van should manage his time this will help you to control your days and if you know how to manage time you can easily manage your lifestyle and your job and when you learn time management effectively this will help you feel more relaxed forecast and in control the aim of good management of time is to achieve the lifestyle balance You want.

1-work on your goals

2-make a list

3-focus on results

4-have a break for lunch

5-give priorities to important task

6-practise the '4 Ds'

work on your goals:-

we should work on our passion we should've workout to such things which we want another personal life are in a better career because if we do work for our passion it will be more enthusiastic and we will do work with our heart and it would be effective. We should always keep in mind Our goal and should build a strategy to get that aim. If we were to find the big picture then we feel able to do work for short-term and medium-term goal because now we have a better plan and now we can focus on the things that we want to achieve.

make a list:-

if you make a list of your task it will keep you organise and it is good way to do your work one thing which we keep at first in our list that we should keep the hard thing at the first because when we start our work we remain more passionate. We should keep the list at such place may in mobile which is accessible easily and we should memorise the list of because it will keep us on track.

Focus on results:-

we should not concentrate how busy we are we should rather concentrate on how are the results of we're getting from our work if the results are satisfying we should keep on working with the same strategy if we are doing good time management it is fruitful and we will get high-quality work.
Spending more time on something does not necessarily achieve more so we should be smart rather to do hard work means we should adapt the smart work strategy because it will help us to do things in short time.

have a break for yourself :-

Having a break in your very good routine is affective because it will refresh our mind it will imagine your thoughts and it will re catch our focus again on the work. After the break we will feel fresh and will start the work in an organised way many people do not take break while they are working and it results in stress and their mind get bothered with it they should take break of at least thirty minutes .

Give priorities to important tasks:-

The main problem due to which we could not manage our time it is due to our unconscious strategy we should make a category on the basis of important and unimportant tasks.

urgent and important

not urgent but important

urgent but not important

neither urgent nor important

people who manage their time well concentrate on not urgent but important activities that way they lower the chances of activities ever becoming urgent and important. We should do that work which is urgent and also important and we should keep on working if we are finding that work is difficult we should make parts of it and should set a reward for ourselves for completing the work

practise the 4Ds

one study found that one in three office workers suffers from email stress making a decision the first time you open an email is important for good time management

we should practice the 4Ds

  • delete: the emails which you get immediately you can delete them

  • do : if email can be completed quickly or it is urgent

  • delegate if the email can be better dealt with by someone else

  • defer : set aside time later to spend on emails that will take longer to deal with.

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Written by   24
4 months ago
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Having a proper break in our work is necessary because it will keep our mind fresh

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4 months ago

This is amazing and true. We need to focus on the important things because it helps us to make the most of our time. We need to identify those important things first.

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4 months ago

I agree, apart from making your days more productive, it will also improve your mental health, by meeting your goals and not dying trying.

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4 months ago