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Responsibility according to the general Indonesian dictionary is a state of being obliged to bear everything, so responsibility according to the general Indonesian dictionary is an obligation to bear, bear everything or bear the consequences.

Responsibility is a person's perception of intentional or unintentional behavior or actions. Responsibility also means acting as an embodiment of a sense of duty.

Dare to be responsible?

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This phrase can be understood as someone who performs an action or deed which means that someone also dares to take responsibility for the actions that have been done. Because there is a cause, there is an effect or there is an action, there is also a responsibility. All actions must always have consequences that must be taken into account. There are also good and bad deeds, as well as responsibility. However, he was a great man who dared to take responsibility for his actions, on the other hand, he was a person who never ran away from reality and responsibility, no matter how bitter it was.

Therefore, every human being must also have the nature or sense of responsibility for all his actions. Think before you act, think about the consequences you will face for your actions. Doing or doing good deeds that do not violate norms and laws, because the consequences will also be good, and vice versa if the actions are not good then the consequences will not be as expected. Be the person who is responsible for all the actions that you have done, because in life everyone will have an action that will happen and every action will be responsible in the future or in the future. .

When you are a responsible person, your life in society will always be harmonious and comfortable, there will be no major conflicts, and your personal life will also be more calm and comfortable because you live with a spiritual spirit. guilt and fear in life because every bold action takes responsibility for both this world and the future. Being a responsible person will also not allow slander or accusations from others, because there is no need to accuse or suspect anyone as long as everyone has a sense of responsibility.

People struggle to meet the needs of themselves or others. Therefore, he must face other humans in society or the natural environment. In this effort, humans also realize that there is another decisive force, namely the power of the Creator.

Responsibility is natural, meaning that it has become part of human life, because every human being will take responsibility. If he doesn't want to take responsibility, then someone else will hold him accountable. Thus, responsibility can be seen from two sides, namely the perpetrator and the beneficiary party. On the part of the creator, he must be aware of the consequences of his actions, so he must also return it to a good condition. On the other hand, if we don't want to be responsible, the other party will return it as an individual or a society.

For example, if someone stole someone else's property, it was very likely that nothing would happen to them in this world. However, after this, all will be accountable to Allah swt. So think before doing something that will lead you to bad luck.

It can be concluded that responsibility is an obligation or burden that must be borne or fulfilled, either by the actions of one party or by the actions of another party, or by the dedication or sacrifice of another party. The obligation of punishment is to aim for the good of the person who does it for himself or for another.

Once the importance of the attitude of responsibility, everyone must have this attitude, because essentially humans cannot live alone, surely one day they will need the help of others. So let's be responsible for everything..

Thank you for reading my article, hopefully it will be useful and motivate you to do better things.

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Written by   38
4 months ago
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So true. responsibility is a formidable task that we will bear. If you have made a decision, bad things will happen. If you're not ready, you shouldn't, just because it doesn't taste good or is an image. Even though we can't.

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4 months ago