The Importance of Changing Car Engine Oil Regularly

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Vehicle performance is greatly influenced by the engine oil used. The selection of engine oil and how to maintain it is very important in determining the performance of the car. So engine oil has a vital role. In order for your favorite car to remain comfortable to use, you need to know that changing engine oil regularly is a "ritual" that needs to be done.

This is the brand of engine oil that I usually use.

Like what I did a few days ago, this is the umpteenth time I have changed my car's engine oil, I do it apart from being a form of car maintenance, I also do this so that I am comfortable while driving.

In order not to make the wrong choice when changing car engine oil, you need to understand the following.

Car Engine Oil Functions

Car engine oil has several functions, including:

1. As Lubricant

When a car engine is started, friction occurs between several parts of the engine. This is where the role of engine oil is needed for lubrication between these parts. Engine oil will move through the cracks and try to prevent damage or slow wear.

2. As a Seal

The oil circulates in the engine and creates a thin film and will fill the gaps between certain parts of the engine. Filling the engine air gap with oil will prevent leakage during combustion. As a result, the power generated will be more leverage.

3. As a Cleaner

You need to know that when combustion occurs, it can cause carbon residue from combustion that sticks to certain parts of the engine. This is where engine oil acts as a cleaner.

Oil passing through various parts of the engine can carry carbon deposits that adversely affect engine performance. In the end the engine is cleaner and engine performance increases. Therefore, the quality of the engine oil will deteriorate over time and will need to be changed more often.

4. As a Heat Absorber

When the engine is running, combustion occurs which increases the temperature. Indeed, the purpose of this combustion is to produce heat which will turn into energy. At the same time, engine oil begins to circulate in the engine. The oil passes through several metal parts, cylinder walls and pistons at high temperatures. The oil will absorb heat in these areas and prevent excessive engine wear.

Know the Type of Car Engine Oil

I think this type of engine oil is suitable for my car.

There are various types of car engine oil available in the market that must be suitable for your vehicle. You need to know that each oil has different qualities and specifications. With good quality engine oil usually provides a longer time to use. Meanwhile, if using poor quality engine oil can damage some parts of the engine.

The best engine oil for your vehicle is not the most expensive. However, engine oils that tend to give the best results can last quite a long time and are also reasonably priced.

It is best if you follow the recommended use of engine oil in the manufacturer's instructions. Some vehicles are also advised to use genuine engine oil which is specially made for your car engine and can be checked for compatibility.

Never Too Late to Change Engine Oil

At the beginning I explained that engine oil performance will decrease over time. Therefore, your car's engine oil must be changed regularly.

I always change the engine oil every 5000km.

Some standard engine oil changes are usually based on mileage. Like 3000km or 5000km. It is better to ask the experts first about the characteristics of your car and how many kilometers of engine oil must be replaced. If you are late in changing the engine oil in your car, it is feared that your car will have several effects, such as damage or engine failure, which is something that every car owner does not want.

Surely you don't want that to happen, do you?

So from now on, monitor and maintain the condition of your favorite car. Do not delay to come to the repair shop for service.

That's my article today, thank you for reading, and I hope it's useful.

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My father is very much caring about the oil changing of his bike because it's performance depends on how we maintain the vehicle.

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1 year ago

Yup. You're right sis. It is the duty of every motorist to regularly maintain a motorized vehicle.

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