Philosophy of Lidi Broom

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Broom, which of you doesn't have one? Broom is one of the objects that are useful for daily needs in the family. The broom cannot be a status and economic difference, it can be seen in the lives of the poor, the middle class, even the rich have it. Brooms are often used to sweep the floor of the house, yard, dust on the mattress, and many other uses. In my place, this type of broom is called "Lidi Broom", but according to my internet search results, this type of broom is called "hard broom". This type of broom is made of coconut leaf midrib which is separated from the leaves.

Behind all the benefits of a Lidi Broom, it turns out that there is a very high philosophy that without me realizing it provides life lessons for all of us.

Some philosophies of a Lidi Broom in my opinion are as follows:

The Lidi Broom provides the philosophy "If we are united then all obstacles can be overcome".

You may agree that if we sweep using just one lidi it will be very difficult. Especially if the garbage you are going to clean is quite a lot. Of course all that will not happen if you use a Lidi Broom which is a combination of lidi tied together.. With a sufficient amount, the power will increase so that it can clean the garbage.

It's the same with our lives today. If we always try to work together then the burden will be light. Difficult work will be easily completed. Even though we can see now, people have started to abandon the habit of mutual cooperation, the habit of helping each other in doing their work. This custom still exists in some areas. One of them is in my own village. The most important thing is that the unity and integrity of our nation and state is still strong.

The Lidi Broom adheres to the philosophy "The older the Lidi Broom the shorter it gets but the stronger it gets".

If you use a Lidi Broom every day to sweep up trash, the Lidi Broom will gradually get shorter. Even though it is short, it turns out that the broom lidi is unique, it will be stronger, and stiffer. So that it can sweep garbage easily because a Lidi Broom is not weak.

Likewise in this life. Garbage is a problem faced in life. If we often face problems and can go through them patiently then we will become a strong person. As with a Lidi Broom that is often used, the older it gets, the stronger it gets.

So, Let's live this life with passion and don't complain often. Life is an obligation so living it is a must.

That's a short article about the "Lidi Broom" philosophy that we sometimes don't realize. Hopefully useful and if there are errors in writing I apologize.

Don't forget to look forward to other interesting articles. Thanks you...

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Topics: Broom, Philosophy