Butterfly Philosophy, The Beautiful Warrior Who Doesn't Know Bad Words

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Hi, friend! See you again with me. This time I will discuss about the philosophy of the butterfly. You know butterfly right? Yes! This beautiful warrior insect is indeed quite inspiring to many people. Some make it the object of photos, paintings, etc.

Behind its beauty, we both know the struggle of a butterfly, right? Starting from when he was still in the form of a caterpillar, metamorphosed, to become an adult butterfly that flies beautifully.

So, what is this butterfly philosophy? Rather than curious, keep reading my short article below! Happy reading.

Everything we do today can be useful in the future.

As we know, there is a stage of metamorphosis, before the butterfly wraps itself in a cocoon, the caterpillar has only one job. Eat, eat and eat. Yes, that's what caterpillars do all the time. But that does not mean this eating activity is without purpose.

As creatures who are smarter than butterflies, as humans we must also do something useful today, for the greater good in the future. Experience, knowledge, and all the small achievements that we do and we get today is a reliable enough provision to live the next phase of our lives in the future.

Silence will form a mature person.

The cocoon stage that the butterfly goes through teaches us how to internalize our lives. That is, the process of self-reflection to contemplate the meaning that exists in life slowly and with preparation.

The larva in the cocoon will remain still for some time, and hang quietly on the branch. He didn't care about the scorching heat, and the piercing cold of the night. Stay strong to change into a new person. Yep, a self full of natural charm, can look beautiful and stunning with his new wings and a beautiful body.

In everyday life, we should be able to imitate the calmness of the cocoon. Although the environment we live in is sometimes harsh and cruel, but if we can stay focused on our goals and stick to all our principles in life, we will eventually be able to come out of that environment as a more valuable person.

If nothing changes then nothing will change.

The most sacred philosophy of the butterfly's life cycle is the moment of change known as metamorphosis. Starting from a caterpillar which then makes itself in a silent container (cocoon), to finally become a butterfly. These stages must be passed without any of them being skipped. So, butterflies can look perfect.

Sometimes in life, we expect a big achievement by taking shortcuts, indeed not a few have succeeded like that, but believe me the success that is obtained instantly will easily end in an instant.

Yes, it's a butterfly. Behind her beauty, she has to go through many stages in order to fly beautifully to and fro. However, this cannot be separated from the power of God Almighty.

From my explanation above, do you want to apply the butterfly philosophy in your life too?

Me, I want to be like a butterfly.

All photos are mine personally.

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Sepertinya sangat sulit pitik pak, menerapkan filosofi kupu-kupu dalam kehidupan kita. Hanya orang terpilih saja yang bisa melakukan hal seperti ini haha.

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1 year ago

Sing nulis be urung karuan teyeng koh. wkwk Anu nulis sekedar nulis tok. Kadang nulis acak malah lewih di regani koh. Haha

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1 year ago