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"Don't try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It's the one and only thing you have to offer."

—Barbara Kingsolver

A question was asked by the Hive Book Club on the Favorite Hive Author and why the person is chosen.

Now let's go into the answers given.

Who is your favorite Hive Author and Why?

Looking for someone who can blow up your mind like seeing fireworks for the first time, or tasting a fine old red wine, then you should probably hop in to have a taste of his works.

A sneak peek.

He is a poet, a football analyst, a love enthusiast, a relationship coach, a writer, a giver, an incredible father, a lovely husband, a sweet son, a wonderful friend, and more. He has been on the platform for 5 years and some months.

They say when friendship begins something, it blooms.

That sort of friendship, I found in the way he writes and takes his readers along like a spell is been cast on them.

Taking a dose of his medication is a way to healthy living.

I met with him on Readcash, and since then, I have found myself looking forward to his daily doses as they kept me alive and thriving.

What makes him special?

Oh dearly beloved readers, you can bet there's a lot that makes him so special you might bite off your tongue.

Motivational Speaker.

His mouth doesn't just move, the movement of his lips speaks life into every living being. You get bewitched by his words of motivation and act on them without even knowing. His pen bleeds with great advice to every being on earth and his words are purified and the best you would always want to listen to at every dawn.

Content writer.

Visiting his blog is like meeting with honey, fresh, undiluted, refined, well nourishing, and more than your thoughts.

You will never go untouched by his words because he writes from the depth of heart.

He is very open to communication with people and every comment on his blog is never left unattended.

He speaks from the depth of his heart and he is a practical person full of vibes and a great mind.

A poet.

Listening to his voice is like the sound of an ocean,
Calm, wanting like a mother's lotion,
He interacts with you like a flavored undiluted drink,
Reading his poem will make you get him more ink,
He is not just a poet
But a more of a dynamic friend.
He creates a special bond that makes a baby unseparated from his mother's breast.

Goal/passion driven and a preacher of consistency.

He drives his goals like he is on the highway, he knows when to pause, reverse and ignite the fire back to the engine. Having read his works, you will be moved to learn more from him.

He is well passionate about the things he lays his hand on, that is why he is always consistent with his work. Never have there gone a day without seeing his write-ups.

A builder.

He is a great builder as he builds people with his words of honesty and encouragement and he speaks love whenever you find him. When giggles are heard from people, be damn sure a chemical dose has been given

Supportive and friendly.

The phrase, a friend in need, is a friend indeed goes with him. He supports others' work as if he has met with them before. He gives out encouraging words without no pay.

You'd never get tired of his content because they are friendly written and you'll find his comment section buzzing like a bee-hive.

He accommodates people of all races and helps them the best way he can.

He is work-driven, a practical thinker, communicator, relationship expert, daily dosage giver, lover, father, and more. He is @olawalium.

A note to my author.

You have taught countless people with your great writing and you have shared love with those that have lost it.

You are a flower that allows every presence of a butterfly on you.

A light people find in their darkest hours.

Don't stop being who you are, I love your childish behaviors and the daring ones too.

Don't stop putting smiles on people's faces with your content and continue to be yourself.

Remember, life sucks and hurts when you do not expect it to, and don't stop being a motivator and a good vibe giver.

Continue being the wonderful father that you are and a lovely husband to your wife.

And always remember, when life throws its hurtful jabs you should Watch and Pray. And never forget, Christ is our Cornerstone.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe.

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Date:12 August 2022.

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As I read through this, I already have an idea who it was and I was right when I saw his name in the end :)

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1 year ago

Does that mean I wasn't discreet enough? 😄😄, I guess the sneak peek must have blown up my cover🤣🤣 ouch!!

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1 year ago

Olawalium/Olasquare is one of the great writer here and I also admire his works. He's one of the authors that I'm looking forward to here in especially on my first weeks and months here.

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1 year ago

It's a good thing you see him as such. He is a good role model.

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1 year ago

I feel so honoured my dear. Thank you so much. God bless your heart and I am really happy to read this...again and again. Thank you boo.

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1 year ago

😁😁 you are welcome Honey Bee.

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