Fate plans ahead.

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Hello lovely readers and friends of read cash, how are you all this beautiful day.

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It midnight here, I ended up here even before I could stop myself from coming right here.

I think this place have become a home to me where I can talk and have someone listen.

It a good thing having a site where you can talk and have people reply you and make you feel a bit okay.

Patience they said is the key to achieve the ultimate goal. But most times we battle with ourselves not knowing when we should be patient or hit the bull on the head. We ask rhetorical questions sometimes because we don't know the next step but still we do know the step.

It confusing really, we are left to fight an unending battle with ourselves.

Fate as plans some might be for us, I mean what we actually want or what we wanted but don't know we do. Or it might be against us, pulling us to it dead end with the voice choked on air to be heard.

This makes us question our journey,did we make things worse by doing this or that?

Maybe we should have gone that way and prayed fervently.

The thing is that fate plans ahead. We can't be ahead of time, it not possible, that's why we need to work with what we have to achieve what we want.

When it is time for fate to put us to the path of it's plan, no amount of fighting will help. No matter what, we will find ourselves there.

There are many times fate gives to us a time consuming weight that seems to tie our legs and they are times we are fortunate to be free of that shackle.

Whatever we pass through in life, we shouldn't be scared because fate is mainly teaching us how to succeed in the plan it as ruled out for us.

I know of people who broke up and went their separate ways and at the end in a mix kind of way, they found love, trust and understanding in each other arms.

Words like whispers are shared among them that they never knew existed.

Fate toil with us sometimes, playing with our thoughts, feelings and actions that we get frustrated and just want to let go.

I know of someone who went to school to finish his education at the age of 56.

They are people who are dead because that's fate plan for them.

We are alive to see today because fate as plan it for us.

No one knows tommorow but I do like tomorrow, because tomorrow is an unknown ex (x) not even algebra can find it until it comes, though probability can work with it, we can be alive tomorrow or be dead.

In all our struggles in life, we should remember that fate as a plan,it like a time as been set for us. However we turn, twist,run, slow down, all we still get us to where we are meant to be.

The person who engaged in illegal doings like fraud, selling humans, transporting illicit drugs and using youngsters for sex or killing them, all these boil down to one thing, money, fame and vanity upon vanity.

If the person or persons acquired money doing this, that's because the person is to have money in life.

I heard of a guy who used himself for ritual and the herbalist told him that he would be mad for ninety days and after that boom!! Money will rain in. He believed and was mad for eightynine days, however a pastor saw him before his madness could complete the ninety fixed date and cured him.

Don't run, don't slow down, go in your own pace and listen to your other self(spirit) it'll guide you to the path fate as laid down for you.

A good morning to you all, I hope energy to meet up with the day's work be transported to us in a flash.

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A sweet kiss to cheek to my readers, friends and viewers.

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Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Photo source: Unsplash

Writer: Balikis

Date:25 March 2022.

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Topics: Fate, Shortstory, 2022