Ancient Ever-Green Tunes.

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Old music used to mean something. There is none of that today.

Ziggy Marley

Verily they move in one accord,
Up, down, sideways, backward, and forward,
Their music has been before Christ,
And yet verily they move to bless our sights,
Thousands of  bewitching tunes are heard at all times,
Be it morning, afternoon, or night,
And still, they are not tired to show their pride.

The chirps, moo's, grunts, and purr rides along,
With no band, flute, or keyboard to play along with,
And yet you find grace, peace, and unity in their voices all night long,
In their meows, snarls, and neighs you find a song,
Verily they say to all maiden, knights and all,
Why not put down your difficulties and dance along?

Every day you find their waves hit ashore,
And walking beside them you remember death is sure,
And yet their movements captured you which makes you stand and watch,
Verily their voices whisper, why not get your lover chocolate, roses, and shorts?

Up down, up down they move,
Blessing the name of their creator even on every moon,
Hikers need them to make their day,
And they make every minute worth their stay,
With a calm and delightful voice, they say,
You get to see the new dawn today,
Won't you clasp your hands and pray,
To thank the good God for the privilege to see the day?

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Date:16 August 2022.

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