With the latest massive scam on Twitter, education in BCHouse is more necessary than ever

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3 years ago

Last night while the scam accumulated more than 8 million dollars on Twitter, I received a call from friends, in several Latin American countries scolding me because I tried to make them fall for the Bitcoin Cash scam

Imagine the annoyance I felt, when my friends believed me capable of putting them in a scam, but this only comes to ratify the real problem of adoption in Latin America and the rest of the world.


The BCHouse project for everyone has a main focus on education, because we must first teach people what that strange world of cryptocurrencies is. It is difficult it is, we learned for years, and we are still learning, the whole system is complex, it is difficult, it is for experts, but now we have the ability to explain much more pedagogically the entire operation of Bitcoin and the rest of the projects. fantastic that exists around the blockchain

Scams came ahead of adoption

For years, these scams, such as One Coin, realized that people could easily fall when they promised fast money for investment in a technology that they did not understand, but that at first glance or in the way that their "academies" They showed Bitcoin seemed like a place where in the future you could become a millionaire.

Academies with membership

The education that these companies would give was very well targeted, because it was direct to sell a product to people with great resources, especially and this is very important in the case of Venezuela, Business Organizations, today you speak to an entrepreneur and surely they have a friend who was in a scam, and now he is afraid to enter this world for fear.

And what were we doing, studying the code, investigating, analyzing, understanding the economy and discovering the truth of the banks and the world economic system, others were speculating on the world market, the Chinese realized the logic of their behavior and began to keep the money where there were no taxes or restrictions, while we occupied ourselves in learning others understood that this could be a scam opportunity, and there we have it, news and more news keep coming

This is the company @youphone in Barquisimeto, it took me 3 months to convince you

This was the little Bar Pizzeria Cocuy 2640, its adoption was quick, 1 month

These last two companies accept BCH as a form of payment, after having spoken to them and showing them the advantages of digital money and how they would be far above the competition, something else that resulted was that it showed you Official Web pages, meat people and bone doing volunteer work in various countries of the world

Now when the One Coin, Dash, and Other pyramids thing happens we need to clean up the market of these promoters who are looking for victims, who are busy and who in fact listen whenever there is money to win, and of course there is, but with the strategies correct, and with the appropriate advice and recommendations, an entrepreneur, an electrical engineer does not necessarily have to know how the market works worldwide, the reality of banks does not have to be known, If this businessman has a helping hand, he will feel more confident and adoption will grow.

I think that we must make a large campaign of Education in the world, to counter this problem of the great scam of Twitter, Several other entrepreneurs, will be afraid to use cryptocurrencies with these bad experiences of these super famous entrepreneurs.

If we do a great campaign of Education, in this August and September vacation I think that thousands of people will understand what happened on Twitter and finally we will win, as I write this Bitcoin staggers at 8,000 or 9,000 again, the bears win the battle of the bad information and the bulls resist to diminish the laterality.

If you liked me and think I was right, share, and if you can vote so that I have visibility

Give me your opinion on the education campaign, which in my opinion is an emergency

Roberto Garcia

Bitcoin Cash House Venezuela

Instagram: @Bitcoin_cash_house

Twitter: @Bchbarquisimeto

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3 years ago


Love it! I am interested to participate. We've got some new video tutorials up here and are making more ever week. Maybe those can help.


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3 years ago

What a shocking experience

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3 years ago

This is really a bad one, we need education in the crypto currency sector not just BCH, I believe we should create awareness or a campaign to enlighten the masses against scam and other fraudulent act..

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3 years ago