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Read.Cash Workshop Presentation for Venezuela

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4 months ago

This is the Read Cash Presentation for Venezuelans who want to learn and win on this platform, in addition to companies that want to invest and sponsor some articles

On this occasion I am showing you the content of the induction business presentation for new users in Venezuela.. from here we can give instruction on how works

I have the Spanish version of these presentations, if you have a little more experience and think that more content should be added let us know

If anyone has any suggestions and has more experience than I do. could tell me here what you want to add and gladly add it in the presentation. I think with this information you can start to win

Soy Roberto Garcia

CEO Bitcoin Cash House

Twitter: @bchbarquisimeto

Instagram: @Bitcoin_cash_House

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Written by   329
4 months ago
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It is very good article.

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4 months ago