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10 new businesses accept BCH in Venezuela

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6 months ago

In Venezuela we are crazy, we go out on the street and we are doing an ant job, entrepreneur by entrepreneur and we are taking advantage of the euphoria of the increase of BTC to show them how fast and cheap Bitcoin Cash is and now look at all this is giving results

A Long Job

These results are not overnight, in Venezuela there are many complexes with the economy because we have experienced many distortions of the state, and we are not organized collectively.


For several years in Venezuela business had to be killed by a POS connected to a bank in order to sell properly, the problem of cash greatly affected commercial transactions then, since 2019 when the $ is officialized as a common use, thousands of dollars of dollars in cash were started to be put into the street, and now the POS that accepts Bolivars are not serving business because they have to pay a huge commission to the banks where the Bolívares

now there is more cash in Dollars than Bolivars on debit cards that Venezuelans suffer so much to get, then the shops stop using the point because there are many more people paying with cash in Dollars, then the POS runs out of the amount of transactions needed to accumulate the amount of bolivars you require to continue using its expensive point of sale

Value of a POS

If you have a burger sale on the street, in order to have a point of sale you need to register your small venture in the Commercial Registry

  • Paying a lawyer

  • Pay an Accountant

  • Meet with Partners

  • Wait 3 months for the registration procedure

  • Then start the POS application process at the bank

  • Pay at the Bank

  • Expect approval

  • Then wait about 2 months for the point of sale

Total: 1200$ all for a point of sale

The best option now is the Cryptocurrency wallet

With Bitcoin Cash you just need to have a dream, be creative, have your little business and with that you will have the opportunity to grow and have customers who can pay you from anywhere in the world

Any street business can accept BCH

I like this kind of entrepreneurs because it shows that you don't need to have a next-generation technology team to accept BCH

I like this type of entrepreneurs because it shows that you don't need to have a technological team of the latest generation to accept BCH and also everything happens in 5 minutes, with 3 sales you already know how to use the app ... and there are 3 important customers you'll have

The places I have priority is food, bars, and fast food sales

Remember that Venezuela had 3 years of food production problems, now it has price and currency problems of domestic circulation With these businesses now organizations like @eatBCH can expand their humanitarian aid

And these businesses are going to create a culture of cryptocurrency acceptance in Venezuela because they will have my follow-up, they will be learning every day, they will attend meetups, and motivate their other friends who have business

Real People

Business is business if but people are what really matters, and we're showing the world that BCH is a reality and that people are using it and taking advantage of it to escape Venezuela's crisis

So we're in Venezuela, tell me what you think...

If you like to vote and share with your friends

Twitter: @bchbarquisimeto

Instagram: @Bitcoin_cash_house

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Written by   417
6 months ago
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2$ for your great work ! onboarding merchants is very important if bch rise i will send you more maybe much more... i guess bch could hit 7000-1500$ unless 7 years just one good news ex a GAFAM or famous investors promoting bch (vitalik or eleon) and BCH will touche the sky

recently Kim DOTCOME said "i am advising myself to buy the more BCH i can"

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2 months ago

Thank you for your words I am aware of that

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1 month ago

Good job guys. You all are doing great 😊

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6 months ago

Thank you so much for your nice words

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6 months ago

BCH Chop index indicates a strong move is ready

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6 months ago

Very interesting right up the better you invest on cryptocurrency the more it becomes more important for the future

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6 months ago

thank you for your comment

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6 months ago

Keep it up dear

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6 months ago