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You can't claim to be solving anything until you have created a problem statement about what you are trying solve.

Therefore, BCH Ignite offers these metrics for your feedback. We aim to be held strictly to account on all of these categories except Blockchain and Market, and we of course aim to greatly influence those as well.

Metrics in cryptocurrency projects are hard to pin down because so many are fakeable. You can set up a web of nodes that send each transactions all day. Total UTXOs is fakeable in the same way.

Without sharing app store screenshots, even mobile wallet installs is fakeable.

So, here at BCH Ignite, we aim to identify metrics that are not fakeable and, most importantly, that are meaningful. All of this so you can hold us to account.

We welcome your feedback. What other metrics matter?


  • number of members

  • messages per day

  • number of active mentors

  • number of active teams

  • number of languages with moderated general channels

  • support questions answered

  • partnerships created

  • users evidenced to be onboarded via wallet installs


  • number of patrons

  • total amount raised to date

  • total monthly donations


  • number of livestreams

  • livestream concurrent viewer maximums

  • tutorials published

  • courses published

  • number of times courses are completed by new BCH builders


  • number of brainstorms that successfully resulted in a new team/project

  • number of teams that resulted in a new Bitcoin Cash product

  • business plans published

  • teamsĀ  with seed funding

  • amount of seed funds raised

  • teams with angel funding

  • teams with venture capital financing

  • teams who have IPOd or ITOd


  • UTXO count

  • addresses active in the last X time period

  • transaction count

  • value transacted

  • hashrate

  • hashrate distribution


  • price

  • market capitalization and ranking

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