My Bitcoin Cash Wallet is broken?

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1 year ago

So Yesterday, I have transfer most of my Earning to may main Wallet. I also Transfer the NCEA token that I have Received as a Token for Early Birds in Noise.

I've Got 6 NCEA token and a $23 in my BitcoinCash wallet.

I send my $20 dollar in my Main wallet and Send again my 6 NCEA but got vanish or burned.

Luckily I send my $20 to my Another wallet last night. If not i would lost $23

And when I opened my BitcoinCash Wallet with It always exits and this is the diagnosis

java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: length=2; index=3

at java.lang.String.substring(

at com.bitcoin.mwallet.core.extensions.BigDecimalKt.groupDecimals(BigDecimal.kt:21)

at com.bitcoin.mwallet.core.extensions.BigDecimalKt.groupDecimals(BigDecimal.kt:80)

at com.bitcoin.mwallet.core.extensions.BigDecimalKt.toPlainTokenString(BigDecimal.kt:163)

at com.bitcoin.mwallet.core.models.asset.AssetInfo.toTickerAmount(AssetInfo.kt:38)

at com.bitcoin.mwallet.core.views.transaction.TransactionSummaryView$Companion.fromCompleteHistoricTransaction(TransactionSummaryView.kt:132)



at androidx.paging.DataSource$1.apply(

at androidx.paging.DataSource$1.apply(

at androidx.paging.DataSource.convert(

at androidx.paging.WrapperPositionalDataSource$1.onResult(


at androidx.paging.WrapperPositionalDataSource.loadInitial(

at androidx.paging.PositionalDataSource.dispatchLoadInitial(

at androidx.paging.PositionalDataSource$ContiguousWithoutPlaceholdersWrapper.dispatchLoadInitial(

at androidx.paging.PositionalDataSource$ContiguousWithoutPlaceholdersWrapper.dispatchLoadInitial(

at androidx.paging.ContiguousPagedList.<init>(

at androidx.paging.PagedList.create(

at androidx.paging.PagedList$

at androidx.paging.LivePagedListBuilder$1.compute(

at androidx.paging.LivePagedListBuilder$1.compute(

at androidx.lifecycle.ComputableLiveData$

at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(

at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$


Can someone can Help me with it?

I've Got my 1 NCEA to @francis105d1 and the Other 5 is Given to me by my friends.

Here is the proof of my NoiseCash Early Adopters token

Given to me by @francis105d1
Given by my friend who got it to francis because they taught it has no value but I do love collecting tokens and I know someday this is worth more than 1BCH

My 5 NCEA token is Given by my friend who got it to @francis105d1 because they taught it has no value but I do love collecting tokens and I know someday this is worth more than 1BCH 😁😁

I Love to Collect this Tokens because it is a momento for being an early adopters of NoiseCash and it's Sad that I can't recover it. The way of transferring it is correct because I use my SLP address for it but the question is why it is not been transferred and why is my Wallet got broken and keeps exiting. I tried to open my Other BitcoinCash Wallet and it is fine there's no problem just my BCH Advocate Main Wallet.

By the way if you are experiencing big fees on transferring your bch to another wallet I have a technique 😊

I transferred my $20 dollar with $0.00 fees😁

Amazing right?

But Hopefully my wallet will got fix. I have 0.00418106 BCH on it.

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✓Always Back up your Wallet

✓Make your wallet secure

✓Just HODL HODL HODL NFTs, Tokens and BitcoinCash 😊



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$ 0.01 from @francis105d1
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1 year ago


Yes I did not backup my wallet and I lost all my crypt coins I had . Was not much something like 60 $, but I did learn my lesson . The next time I installed a new wallet I always back it up

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1 year ago

Wow I hope you haven't lost your token and that they didn't get burn. Maybe resynchronizing the wallet shows your tokens again

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1 year ago

I will try that one. Yeah I hoping too. Your tokens are too valuable to me. It was my momento for being an Early Adopters. Hopefully it will comeback. 6 NCEA is too devastating to me to loose.

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1 year ago

This is an Interesting article. I also experience that problem. Maybe your NCEA token is the problem, you could double check it to make sure but the problem is you cannot open the wallet to verify it.

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1 year ago

It would be nice if He recover His NCEA Tokens

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1 year ago

Hoping that also I think that token is important to him. Hoping he could get it back

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1 year ago


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1 year ago

Why did your Wallet Got broke? How can you fix it? update me If ever you Fix it and How you fix it.

Btw Nice Article and the Last part is True.

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1 year ago