Five pictures, five stories.

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22 May, Sunday, 2022.

Hi everyone,good afternoon. I hope you all are doing well. I was trying to write this article from previous two days but then i got busy in some work . Even today i have hardly managed myself to write this article, i finished some tasks and chores now while i was resting i thought i should do something productive instead of just laying down and do nothing. I hope it will help me to some extent. In my today's article i will talk about the pictures that i clicked and the particular stories related to those pictures. Let's go!

First picture that you will see here is when after few months of my intermediate exams i was standing outside the bank waiting for the clerk to appear so i could go in and submit my chalan for the admission i was trying to get into a university. While i was getting so bored then i tried to look at different subjects in front of me as it was a very crowded place Many things got my attention but the most attractive and interesting one of them was walking people.

Specially that white dude you can see coming towards my camera. I noticed that he had some disease because his face was awkwardly white i considered him to be the main subject of picture. So grabbed my cellphone out of my pocket and clicked the picture. After clicking the picture i noticed dozens of beautiful things in this picture. It was more than an average pic i randomly click. You can see a woman wearing veil I loved this part of photo because it shows a cultural thing of Pathans. And the clouds behind wires lurking up . isn't this beautiful?

The second pic about which i am going to talk about is very interesting. I took this picture 3 months ago when i used to go college. On the way to our college there always always came i route for which i had to wait eagerly. It was my favourite place to travel. To put my review more precisely, i like this picture because it gives me the Vibes of Better call Saul series if you have watched already you too would find it appealing.

I like the rusty , deserted and the lonesome environment in this image. It is like one of those places which catch your attention in movies when you are watching in 4k. After clicking this picture i also uploaded it on Instagram with the sticker of better call Saul and got so much appreciation on return. Because of this picture I'm again more convinced to devote myself for clicking cinematic photos and making cinematic videos. Moreover this was merely a simple cell phone camera click which makes it an extraordinary click to be honest. It also appears to be very aesthetic with its gloomy, foggy and coloured sky visuals.

This third picture with the story is my personal favourite. I love the ambiance, story Telling, scenery, gloominess and literally everything about this picture. I took this picture almost 4 months ago. That day we had some visitor at our house so we went to a hotel which is more likely a motel to buy food. When we reached there we ordered chicken Karahi. As it was taking some time to be cooked we sat there to wait outside. I was sitting there and the moon was looking so beautiful up there. I took my phone out of pocket, Tried to take moon photo. It didn't turn out to be so good then i started looking for other subjects. Then i saw the cook. He was in a particular and peculiar dress so tidy up myself to take a good picture of him.

I secretly moved my camera towards him as i was already scared that what if he minds taking pictures so i clicked this picture without letting him know. After seeing i realized that it was an epic scenery moment picture. The way those red tomatoes were dazzling, the kid sitting on the left side covering himself in an oak is so beautiful. Only a good beholder could understand how amazing this picture is.

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I would like to thank all my spouncers who have supported me gave me tips, i would not have felt motivated to write articles if i could not get your support. Once again i love you all!

Second last photograph I'm going to talk about is phenomenal, hiding so many beautiful aspects in one frame. It presents the gloomy,drab,poor image of our society where certain people are living a low life they can't get over. How they be pressing their desired life just to be merely alive yo be more precisely they are just existing not living. That day i went to hospital for my my brother's check up while i was in the waiting room i saw an old man sitting front of me he was so weary and lost in something disturbing which he couldn't share with anybody that's why he was just keep his head down on the knees as if he was sobbing. Maybe he was felling totally helpless.

I wanted to talk to him, to ask about his worries although he was a stranger to me, he might not have told me his real problem but at least he could have known that someone here is ready to listen to him, to do emotional ventilation,to show some respect and care but then i got call from reception for our appointment. When i came back after appointment he was not there. I wish i see him once again and won't miss the chance to talk with him.

Last but not the least picture is also very appealing. We went on a college trip last year to Noor mahal which is in Bahawalpur also known as the city of Nawabs. Bahawalpur is very old city founded in 1748 by Nawab bahawal khan after migrating to the region from shikarpur sindh.we enetred the Mahal at evening time before the sunset. It was a great vibe during that time of evening. I could see many people having fun there. I also had decided to take many pictures but the one that was my favourite is here which i uploaded on read cash.

By looking at this picture you can notice how beautiful is the sky is and how large and historical is this building. Also there are dates trees , behind those dates trees some people were horse riding. I also took their photos which i would upload in my next article probably. For now do let me know how you find this picture! I uploaded this picture on my social media and got so much appreciation. Although it was mobile phone click but looks like some DSLR shot to be honest.


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Closing thoughts

By concluding my article i would say that photography is my favourite hobby . It keeps me connected with the nature. And i feel more alive because of it. Back then i was lossing interest in this hobby but now I'm regaining my passion again. I won't stop taking pictures anymore. I'll also give you this message that whatever your hobby is don't ever quit that you don't know how much it is important and mean to you.

Thank you for reading ❤️

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Taking photos is one of the things that makes us connect with the place, thing, or person that we are taking a pic with. This is somehow not just a photo to remember but an act of communicating to others by showing what you want to say even if without saying any words.

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You have this unique way of taking photos ❤️

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Thank you

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