Home is the first education for children : Everything starts from home

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December, 8th 2022

To add to the character of a child, early stages or early education are needed because everything starts from home, from the family where they were first born and know people.

For example :

From parents who always show a diligent attitude, the child will learn how to be a diligent and nimble child

From a child who is always honest that he gets from home because there is a father and mother or family who always try to keep their promises and not lie

A generous child starts at home, from a father and mother who teach them to share.

Disciplined children start at home, from fathers and mothers who always teach them not to be negligent and to try to be on time

From children who are religious or love their religion, from parents who teach and instill to always remember God.

The first education

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One of the characters of Indonesian culture how to respect both parents by kissing their hands

A child's first education starts at home. That is, you are the child's real teacher. Before deciding to send your child to a formal school, it would be better if you have provided him with the basic skills he needs at school later.

Like a word, home and family are the first education for children, even the first language used by small children in their daily communication comes from their mother tongue as well as setting a good example for them.

As quoted from the statement of Rosdiana Setyaningrum, M.Psi, MHPEd, child and family psychologist, gave an example, "When going to kindergarten, children must be trained for independence, so that at least they can eat and drink by themselves, or go to the restroom without assistance. Because in kindergarten children will also learn to write, you have to prepare their motor skills. Train him to pick up which requires his thumb and forefinger skills, and throw the ball which will work his shoulder muscles.”

Children are trustworthy, that's for sure. Children working with father and mother, close relatives all start from the family. And the family is in the home environment. The best and greatest place in educating children is starting from home.

It is at home that children take shelter and get things for the first time. Therefore, all the educational influences that we give to our greatest children are at home. So fathers and mothers, fathers and mothers are the greatest people who first formed a child to be extraordinary. It was from home that the first teacher they found.

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Home the first school

Father and mother, are the first to shape the character and future of the child. At first glance it may not be obvious, but in the next few years, after our children are grown up and independent, we as parents will know whether the character we instill in our children produces good results, is mediocre or even fails altogether.

If there is a great child that we look after and we see now, then look at the parents. Because the greatness and extraordinaryness of a child cannot be separated from the influence of their parents in educating their children at home.

The final thoughts

Make the house a madrasatul ula that has a deep impression on the child's heart, so that good character instilled at home will help children grow and develop in their school environment.

Don't just leave education to schools, but accompany teaching and education at school with at home, then children will be great and every parent's heart desires. Proper upbringing and guidance given by parents to children, then it is more than enough for children to form their maturity later.

To all parents and relatives, children are good recorders and imitators. What they see and hear is what they will emulate.

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Very true home is the first place where children are trained by seeing and learning from their elders.

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1 year ago

Therefore we adults must be able to show the positive side that we have if we do not want to see the next generation damaged because of bad behavior because of the people around them, especially parents and family at home.

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1 year ago

I agree maam that's why parents must stand as a first teacher to their children and teach them the good, the proper ways.

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1 year ago

Hopefully parents and adults can be a good example for children and the younger generation

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1 year ago