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Good morning everyone,I could post yesterday because I went for a program and there was no time,in my last 20years that program was the hottest,I could not even phantom not going in the first place. The program was about manifesting, where some of the fire packed ministers ministered there.

We should be able to manifest as believers,our manifestation should be on the outside not inside,we should know what we possess as believers,we are not permitted not to manifest,we should be able to manifest in all aspects of our lives, physically, financially, maritally, spiritually etc. A life is dead when it's not showing forth,the first minister said if you carry that fire,it will spread around people around you,they will catch the fire,he shared his experience when he was in school then he was already a preacher,one of his friends came to ask him for food and he told him to go and check his cupboard there is enough food there but he told him not look inside the cupboard, and the food will not finish,the guy kept coming everyday but when it got to a time he decided to check the cupboard but that was when the food finished. He said he has been manifesting since university days. When we have the Holyghost,laziness is not permitted,we must not be lazy,he said when you are lazy the Holyghost will disgrace you,he doesn't join hands with lazy people,when you are going for interview prepare well like you don't have the holyspirit,even when you are going for exams read well but when you get you manifest,we must go all out to manifest in different areas not only in church, infact church already has light,share the light outside the church, show the power in you.

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The second preacher said he never said no to any opportunity,even when he doesn't know what it is all about,he won't say no,rather he would go and learn more about it,he said there was a time someone asked him if he can supply granite to them and he said yes but he didn't even know where they are selling granite but he said yes because he doesn't want to loose that opportunity of becoming great,you don't know what you will do exactly that will make you great,so that is the reason why you shouldn't miss any opportunity, grab them as they come, don't give excuse,there is no excuse for staying in that position,use your head,be wise.

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The third woman said when God created us,he had manifestation for us,he created us with purpose in mind and that purpose is manifestation. God made sure your eyes are in the front so you can be forward looking and not backward looking,you are a spirit that lives in a body,that is spirit is YOU. We are just carrying about the body but what you will do or become in life is in that spirit,we think first then show forth what we are thinking, everything is created twice twice, first as a thought and second as a thing,it is your responsibility to manifest who you are,the frequency for manifestation is gratitude,we must show our gratitude, show gratitude as you go,then he will continue to lift you up,you dont arrive suddenly because he doesn't throw up,he lifts up, show gratitude.

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And lastly alot of people are holding another people in their hearts because of the wrong that person has done to them,it might not be easy but please release them from the prison of your heart if you really want to manifest, holding them in your heart means you are holding yourself down too,you can't move forward,it's like tying a rope to the neck of someone and holding the rope,you will always be with that person because you are holding the rope and you won't move from there too,so please release that person,I understand the person has done alot of evil against you, please forgive wholeheartedly because one of the criteria for manifesting is forgiveness.

Thank you everyone,it's been a wonderful time here, thanks for all your likes, upvotes, comments, subscribes,I am grateful 🥰.

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Wow.. I also attended this program about manifestation.. I think it's the same program looking at the points you picked out.

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Oh really, that's good

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