Just a minute between life and death.

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My network has been bad since,I couldn't post early, so what do I have for today.. life and death correlate,when one happen we can't stop it from happening.

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Yesterday morning,I just heard my mum shouting my name and my siblings name,I was still on bed because it was so early,I and my siblings quickly rushed out to know what was happening,it was about my grandmother,she has been leaving with us ever since I lost my dad,my mom brought her from her house because she was sick then needed to be taking care of by us,there are two girls staying with her back at house but they couldn't really take care of her.

When my mum shouted,I was kinda scared, when we got there,my mum was already pouring water on grandma's head,grandma couldn't move her body,my mum said she was boiling water for grandma so she will bath warm water because that's what we do every morning,we boil water for her and mix it with her cold water to bath,so my mom was in the kitchen,grandma was going toilet so she didn't notice anything was wrong,when she got out of the toilet she stood at the kitchen door,then later went to sit in the sitting room,my mum said she was expecting her to talk while Standing at the kitchen door, because my grandma will always talk,my mum looked back and couldn't find grandma at the kitchen door so she decided to be doing what she was doing but her mind just went back to her and she quickly went to check on her because she didn't hear any sound coming from her,when my mum got there she was about to die,her white eyes was out and she couldn't move,my mum started calling her, like what was wrong her, started shaking her body,she poured water on her head right there in the sitting room,gave her water to drink,she couldn't even open her mouth well but we pushed the water into her mouth,my mum was terribly scared,she started calling her brothers,she was just vomiting all the water, nothing was staying in her stomach,but she was gradually getting better and coming back to life.

She said she doesn't want to die now and it was funny, because my grandma is 95years, she's not a small baby but and elderly woman,so when she said that It was funny to me,she said she didn't want to die Young,I was like young keh!! At 95year?!! Wowwww,my mum brother was like,there is no money now o,she shouldn't die now, everyone know she was old enough and if she should give up,it is old age but they are concerned about the money they will spend while grandma is saying she doesn't want to die now 😂.

My mum prepared pap for her,we bought can milk and little inside water for her,she regained her strength and was okay. After that incident my mom said something and it struck me,she said you see,it only one minute that is between life and death,that what if she consumed in what she was doing and didn't notice anything,that was how grandma would have died and left like that, because she was already going,she wasn't here anymore.

I ruminated on it,I concluded that whatever you do will speak after you are gone,a plant that is green today will wither tomorrow,if you are bad person and you think you have it all, remember that nobody can hold death when it knocks,if my grandma time was up,nobody can hold her from dying, nobody. Life is too short to hold grudges too,when you are gone you won't even remember who offended you then,why don't forgive and forget when you can now,love while you can,play,enjoy life while you can, tomorrow might not laugh, make use of today wisely.

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