Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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This saying has always been established,"absence really does makes the heart grow fonder". When someone keeps coming to you,you feel exhausted from their presence because you are used to them but when they leave,you feel you need them more and then you miss them,this is the key point some people use in their relationship.

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There is a greater affection between friends, family or even lovers that have been apart due to one reason or another. For instance,you have been living with someone for a long time or May your cousin or friend or brother, sometimes you just get tired of them and you wish they just travel but immediately they travel,you start missing them and feeling a greater affection for them more than before, just because at that moment you feel their absence and you wish they were there that time.

These is been used by lovers too, because alot happen in relationships, sometimes when you see that person everyday you run out of things to talk about,you might not even love the person the way it should be, that's why sometimes in marriage,you get tired, sometimes it's not love that keeps the marriage going but commitment, dedication keeps It going.

So in relationships I would prescribe this dose sometimes because it really works,when you feel that person is not really giving you attention like before,stay away for sometime,give him or her space, probably you have been too clingy and been clingy sometimes makes the other person tired of you. It's not really good or advisable to make yourself available too much,give it some space,give that man,that woman some space,let them breathe,been too clingy makes you loose that respect, just because you are always available,they don't value your worth anymore,they just assume you will be there at all times,they always misuse that opportunity when you too available, valuing yourself really matter for someone else to value,what you portray will be given back to you.

Think about this, naturally you get tired of the things you see everyday,even you yourself when someone keeps coming to you,you tend to ignore and get irritated sometimes,that's how we are wired to be, people tend to Know your worth more when you are not too available,let me take you back to when you just met, when you just met, you really want to know that person more , you talk about everything, you grow fond of each other everyday, you always call, chat, talk Everytime,the love grew from talking about everything,you already know this person,the love is still there but now that you've known each other very well, you don't feel that enthusiasm you felt before because you are familiar already with this person,you just want to call and say hi sometimes and there are some days you would talk for hours non-stop,that is how we are. But when you feel someone is giving you attitude or showing you some signs please give that person some space,when you sure there is nothing more to it but because you are too clingy,give him or her space, during that space it doesn't mean you won't pick up his/her calls but you won't be too available.

But be very careful don't give too much space, always check on them, don't leave entirely,when you feel they are back, resume entirely.

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