A challenge I am grateful for.

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Okay,so I just picked one from the 30days challenge @Princessbusayo is writing about,I decided to write about a challenge I am grateful for, sometimes life has been fair while another time life will be unfair but how we are able to get through it makes us stronger.

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There are alot of challenges I faced before this time,let me start from when I went to Lagos,when I came to Lagos to write jupeb exam in unilag,I didn't know anybody there,but I decided to attend one redeem church there that evening,after the evening service I decided to talk to their pastor if they will allow me to sleep over and he said yes,they weren't sure at first but they later accepted (I mean the pastor and other minister present that day) I slept over,the next day I went to write my exam,when I finished my exam,I went to take my things in the church and I said thank to the guy staying in the church too but he was actually guarding the church,he allowed me to enter when I first came,I carried my bag and left.

When the result came out,they admitted me then into the o'level program,I went to Lagos again,we really didn't have enough money when I gained admission to that program then,but I had to go because it was late already and lecture had started a month before,so I hurried my mum and dad to just give me transport fare,I went back to the church when I got to Lagos,I already collected one sister's number then when I first came to write the exam,she was the one that called and said I should come to church again that they will be able to help me,when I got there they help me and gave me accomodation in church,I stayed in church,there was another building at the back of the church then ,that was where I stayed.

It wasn't easy,I kept on calling home,the tuition was on the high side for the jupeb program but we've got no choice but to pay,a week to my exam I haven't paid tuition fee, someone just helped out again and my dad paid back,I wrote my exam,all thanks to God, staying in church wasn't easy because you can't just go anywhere,you must account everywhere you go to and you can't bring friends too,even when my friends wanted to come and greet me,I didn't allow them,those where part of the challenges I faced, finally my dad sent me hostel money and when I wanted to pay it,I got swindled,I only use to hear about them but I don't know it will happen to me,I was swindled of my money and my phone,I cried my eyes out,when I called home,my dad abused me on the phone,I didn't know what to do,I kept crying and crying,but help came from the church,they gave me money I was happy.

Staying there has been a challenge to me,another challenge I got and I'm grateful for is when I was staying in the church,the guard was there,he made me got closer to God,we became very good friend,he Normally read his Bible and pray then but I don't,so it was really a challenge for me when he would say today you must read up to three chapters of the Bible,I wasn't really used to it but I decided to accept the challenge,I started studying my Bible and praying too,he was there to guard me through,I was now better at studying my Bible and praying, I'm always grateful that I went to Lagos at that Time and met someone like him.

Going to Lagos then really thought me alot,I became a better person when I came home,I started from been lazy to been agile,it was really a challenge but I'm grateful for that challenge. The people I met there were really good people,God used them to shape my life in a good way. I'm most grateful for that,the challenges I faced there made me and didn't mar me.

After all the challenges I went through in Lagos I didn't later gain admission into unilag after all fees I paid during my program and the exam I wrote,it was a tough one,I cried everyday because I wasn't given admission,my dad would abuse me sometimes,I nearly gave up that I wasn't going to school again but thank God I didn't.... I'm now grateful that I wasn't given admission then because if they had done that I might not have gotten to where I am now,I might have gone astray, I'm very grateful to God for that,he knows everything. 🙏🙏

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