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Always Be Careful !

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10 months ago

November 30, 2021

Hi friends, what's up? In today's article I am going to talk about some very important things about being cautious in our daily life. Life is a great blessing of God, and it's our responsibility that we should live life in a proper way and take care of ourselves in every aspect. Sometimes very small carelessness can be fatal. I am going to share different important as well as sensitive things.

Sneeze Suppressing

Sometimes in certain places we try to control sneezing or try to sneeze slowly, which is totally wrong, because sneezing should require a perfect necessary speed or pressure. We shouldn't interrupt sneezing, because it's really dangerous for our life. If we try to do that then we welcome danger, as it harms you in different ways.

A tympanic membrane which is present in the middle ear, vibrates in response to sound waves are at a great risk of rupture when someone tries to stop sneezing or suppress it's pressure. Thin veins are present in our eyes, nose, ear and brain, so when someone tries to suppress sneezing, then there is a great risk of rupturing these veins due to a lot of air pressure. So never suppress sneezing.

Talcum Powder

Now I am going to talk about talcum powder. Please be careful during the use of talcum powder, because talcum is a clay type mineral consisting of hydrated magnesium silicate, and this is used excessively in powders, eyeshadows, compact powders for soft and creamy texture. If someone has the habit of inhaling fragrance from talcum powder then it's very dangerous for lungs and bronchitis. Lungs are affected very badly from the repeated inhalation of talcum, in which lung inflammation occurs and this is also called telcosis. In this condition lung failure may occur due to severe scarring of lungs. So always try to keep talcum powder and all cosmetics which contain talcum away from your nose and mouth.

Chilled Water/Drinks

Drinking too cold water and other drinks are also very dangerous for our health, often we consume extra cold/chilled water in our daily life especially during summers. But it's very bad for our health, as chilled water is very bad for heart health, and it may cause stroke due to hardness which the heart faces during the pumping of blood due to vasoconstriction, which is the shrinkage of blood vessels, because chilled water tightens the thin blood vessels of heart.

Chilled drinks also make your throat more vulnerable to catch different bacterial infections. Always try to drink normal cool water in summers and try to drink lukewarm water in winters to stay healthy. 

Too Loud Music

Another very important thing which comes to my mind is listening to loud voices or music every time. It's very dangerous for ears, as it leads to temporary loss of hearing in which you can't listen properly, because high loudness damages the inner ear which has the responsibility to detect sound waves and send the signal to the brain. So stay away from too much noise

Finally, I want to say that health is wealth, and it is very necessary to take care of ourselves with a busy daily routine by knowing each and every aspect related to health. Hope you like my article. Give me your nice feedback

Thank you!

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Written by   33
10 months ago
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You mentioned some really good points. We must be careful about these.And we are really sensitive to these issues, we need to be more careful about these issues. Well said mate.

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10 months ago

Thank you so much for liking my content ♥️your nice feedback has great worth for me friend.

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9 months ago