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1 year ago

Are you hearing this phrase "Bolt is future" but how and why let me give you an introduction; 👇

  • Destination of Bolt project;
    It transmits a video streaming adventure to spots where content is problematic for access, especially in emanating markets.

The BOLT+ app also delivers live videos including Al Jazeera; BBC: BBN and Channel News Asia.

You can also attend to content from Bolt's content creators who utilize the platform to share their involvements with the world.
BOLT delivers a wallet for users to earn, swap, stock, and organize their BOLT tokens as well as Bitcoin, ETH, and Zilliqa, which can be manipulated in the BOLT.

  • Bolt X is available
    Aim of Bolt;
    Bolt strives to correlate users all around the world to content and conversations that will amount to something - and assist to contour their day decently and fruitfully.
    The  BOLT  allows for more sovereignty, translucency, and constructive engagement in the media ecosystem
    Presently, BOLT is available for trading within the following trading pairs: 

  • Hotbit: BOLT/ETH

    Hotbit: BOLT/BTC

    Bitmap: BOLT/USD

    Bitmap: BOLT/BTC

  • What you can do here now?
    Just follow the tasks given by the admins;
    Show your creativity matters while spreading the Bolt to the whole world; your engagement and time being utilized matter.

The header image is designed by m on the canva app.

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Written by   8
1 year ago
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