Stupid Heart... (A Poem)

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3 years ago

Hey you!

A holy lover knocking at your doorstep

Ready to replace the red oil that fumes with anger

To a colourless one that breed love and peace .

Yet, your rejected his plea,

Shutting down like an abandoned gadget,

Saying the red oil was all you got

And to hell you binded him like the devil.

Yes, you stupid!

You were thirsty and felt you could die,

Shoving selfishness down your throat and greediness as garment

You called the holy man, seeking for water in abundance

You gulp and gulp, with selfishness brimming with gladness

And greediness glistening under sun





You collapsed and

D.. die

Water is poisonous to the heart that feast on red

You just took POISON.

Tenaj Art- the matter of the heART 🌹 💐

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Good poem

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3 years ago

Nice write up thanks for sharing

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3 years ago