My First Experience With Nails-Part 2

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3 years ago

It took all the patience and endurance in me not to uproot each nails away. Anyways, I conquered with me pressing most of the button with my right fingers.

I thanked my stars for yielding to the early call of not fixing whole fingers YET🌚
Though I was 7 minutes late for submission and the panels pardoned me.
It was time for chores and I cringed at how I will get things done. I started washing plates and the battle between my nails and the sponge was greater than the one between the sponge and the slippery plates🥺. Lifting a bowl up became a problem since there are processes to do that, that I wasn't aware of. By the time I was done with plate, my energy level was zero to nothing. Don't ask me, I just conquered a war😟

Cooking was easier compared to washing plates. Though I had my challenges with lifting things up to pour.
It was time to have my bath and since sponge was involve it was another war but my right hand was there to partially save me.. another episode of spongeNails.
This was where it got interesting, time to slay it to where I would make delivery💃🏽
I selectively picked the clothes to wear, the shoe to match(don't mind me, it's my usual wear jare) and I told myself that it would worth it. I will jump the part of my putting on my clothes with nails..
I would skip the part of me putting on my clothes since the nails won't stop pinching the soft materials.
I went out to texture the drawing first and I must say I felt like a drag queen with my confidence above my belly button👸🏽. I bought the frame too and branched at a stall to compute the frame and drawing together (I have no extra cash to pay for them to fix when it's something I can do ~easily~).
I brought all the instrument out from my big bag (the nails, hook, tapes, board, screwdriver etc. Then I realized that the spongeNails fight was just a preamble to the one on ground.😢

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Very funny

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3 years ago

Lol, no go do pass your self oo

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3 years ago

Funny 😄... Wow this is really funny.... It is a most to Dixie nails

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3 years ago