*Ancient Laws That Never Fail.*

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3 years ago

*How I wish we can write down these and paste them by our bed sides to memorize, n check our lives regularly!*

*-To be rich - Give.*

*-To succeed - Serve.*

*-To laugh - Make someone laugh.*

*-To prosper - Be honest.*

*-To excel - Be faithful.*

*-To go far - Get up early.*

*-To change someone - Change*


*-To be great - Be disciplined*

*-To be strong - Pray often.*

*-To do a lot - Speak little.*

*-To be fruitful - Praise God.*

*-To live well - Forgive.*

*-To talk well - Bind anger.*

*-To sleep well - Work hard.*

*-To be loved - Love.*

*-To be a good husband - Listen to her.*

*-To be a woman - Submit yourself.*

*-To be respected - Be polite.*

*-To bind Satan - Sanctify yourself.*

*-To grow in faith - Meditate on the word of God always.*

*None of these has ever failed!*

*Give it a trial.

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Nice post

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3 years ago

This is really useful tips

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3 years ago

I really love this post

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3 years ago

Thanks for sharing bro.. It's educative

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3 years ago