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30 Days Writing Challenge: My Goals For The Future

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2 months ago

If I would ask my old self about her goals in the future, probably she would just tell me that she doesn't care and will just wait for death to come for her. It is kinda pessimistic but that was how my old self thinks.  That is also why my studies got delayed, my life back then was messed up, and I'm only striving to pursue my dreams now.

Anyways, those were all the sentiments of the past and I will bury them in the past forever. When responsibilities hit me, I started to think for other people and not just only for myself. I started to break the ice within me and replace it with fire to ignite the passion which is sleeping for a long time inside me.

I can say that the method is working. I guess the pressure of life is the one that burns the fuel of responsibilities, then so it can ignite my desires and my goals are the one that strives hard to keep the fire still burning in me. I may have started late and slow, but with constant action, no matter how big or small the steps are, I'm moving forward.

Right now, these are the goals that are maintaining the fire of passion in me to strive harder to reach it.

1. Grow my name in blogging.

When I made up my mind to be a writer back then, I find it hard to pursue since a lot of discouragement came at me at once. They are saying that there is no money in writing and I can't have a stable income doing it. Aside, I also doubted myself since the only method that I have known to earn by writing was to write books and sell them. I do write stories but I can't finish writing a novel and I'm more on short stories.

I have been praying hard while searching on the internet for some writing gigs, then I discovered on Facebook which was posted by an old writer here, but I had already forgotten who he was. I fell in love with blogging actually after that. Though my loyalty was tested with inactivity for months, I still came back here to continue what I have started.

Now, I love it even more. Though I'm an old writer here, I haven't yet grown my name on the platform and I don't a lot of readers and subscribers like the other users. That's why it becomes my goal right now. I want to write more and improve myself. Not actually to be famous, but to have more networks and friends in the community.

2. Finish a college degree.

I'm still far from reaching this goal and this will take a lot of years in my life but all I believe right now is that I can make it no matter what happens. Actually, I would be visiting the school this Wednesday to check the results of the College Interview. I know that I did my best back there and I believe in myself.

I just don't trust the coordinator of the program since there are a lot of students who wanted to enroll also. The coordinator even warned us that we should be ready for whatever will be the outcome in the results because only 250 students over 600 students who passed the entrance exam will be enrolled in the BS Information System course as first years. I will be having a lot of prayers and good luck to be on the list next Wednesday.

3. Get back all our farmlands.

Apparently, some areas of our farmlands were mortgaged to an agri-businessman in our place ten years ago and up until now, we don't have the money to claim it back yet. I only claimed one area which was 3,500 sq.m approximately, for the mortgaged price of Php 15,000 last year.

I have also spent a lot growing the crops, such things as labor, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. Unfortunately, Typhoon Odette ruined all my hard work in financing the crops and my family's hard work in cultivating them. Now, we still haven't recovered the losses. The crypto is also in the bear market right now, so I can't earn that much to have the capital for it again.

This is the goal that I should work hard on even more. Since Php 150,000 is not a small amount to earn, I have to double my hustles to earn that.

4. Build a comfortable house for my parents.

Our house right now is still fine and livable. It's just that, it is made of light materials like bamboo and wood. When Typhoon Odette struck us, our roof has been blown away by the strong winds. In the future, I will build them a strong, concrete, and comfortable house that they deserve.

5. Secure my daughter's education and future.

Of all those goals, this goal is the most important. I'm currently working on this since I was still working in Manila. I'm saving up in the bank, so I can't be tempted to spend the money on other things. I don't know if I can still earn like this in the future, so it's better to save early. Whatever happens, I don't have to worry for I know that her future is secured.

Here is Day 29!

Those things that I mentioned are the ultimate goals of my life. It will take a long time to achieve them all but I will be patient in working hard for it. I may encounter some odds in the way, I wouldn't give up until I can achieve all of it. I set those as the purpose of my life. Those are the reasons that I'm fighting to live in my life. If I can achieve all of it, I wouldn't care what will the future for me. I can even make myself retire. Well, early retirement is the goals also, but that depends if I can achieve those things first.

Thanks for reading!

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Written by   276
2 months ago
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napa ka swerte mo at di pa huli ang lahat sa pagbabago at may chance ka pang ma pursue lahat nang goals mo na yan...posible as you're still young...may ibang tao kasi na huli na ang lahat nung magbago sila...iniwan na sila nang mga opportunities

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2 months ago

Yun nga din habol ko, mamsh. Habang bata pa gawin na, baka magsisi lang ako sa huli kung di ko ma pursue goals ko nang maaga.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

We almost have the same goals. Gusto ko talaga magkapera through blogging pero ang hirap kapag wala kang background medyo di ka tatanggapin ng mga client like sa Fiverr. Gusto ko din makapag-tapos ng kolehiyo, ako yung unang makakapag-tapos sa pamilya namin. Gusto ko din mapaayos yung bahay namin dahil siksikan kami dito.

Balang araw matutupad natin to basta wag lang natin ikumpara buhay natin sa iba.

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2 months ago

Sulat ng sulat Sis. Mahahasa din skills mo sa blogging at more engagement pa for more network. Magiging pro din tayo sa Blogging someday.

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2 months ago

All those things will happened soon. Padayon lang, things will come in the right time eka nga, and you will surprised in the ending. 🥰

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Padayon guid. Susuka lang pero di susuko.

Dumadami na alam mong Hiligaynon ah. Sino tutor mo si Ate Lhes o si Gyra? 😆

$ 0.00
2 months ago