What I have done in the last two days?

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Hey Dear Readers!!

There are two reasons why I didn't upload the article in two days. On the one hand I was busy and on the other hand, I was completely down. You must understand what kind of energy I'm talking about. Just as we need a charger to charge a mobile phone, we need a green guy to charge us lol.

Hey please come back, we all need you✨

Well when I woke up on Saturday morning I already thought I would not upload the article today because I need some space. So I got up in the morning and had a breakfast. Then all of us friends talked at the conference call and we all made plans to meet. About three hours later, we all friends gathered at one of our friend's house. And a friend of mine is getting married soon, so we friends selected a dress to wear to his wedding. Since all of us had to do the same dressing so the Colours were also selected the same.


Believe me guys, if we sit with friends for a while, the mood is totally refreshed and all the tension goes away. You must make some time for your friends so that your life can be full of colours.

Well after much discussion, we selected the colour and design. Then we all enjoy lunch and went home. When I got home, I gave my sister a physics class. And after many days I sat with my mother and talked continuously for two hours(sweet conversation). In the evening I went out for an evening walk. When I came back, I prayed and fell asleep. I didn't even have a dinner and can you imagine, I woke six o'clock in the morning ( I have been sleeping for ten hours ohh God).

Today was a Sunday so everyone was at home. So everyone had a breakfast late. I think It would be better to name the brunch hehe.

Everyone had brunch together at the dinning table. Then after that we all sat and started gossiping. There will be talk about Eid which held on next Sunday. In the afternoon everyone fell asleep and I'm evening everyone woke up. And then I went to the market with my mother to buy some kitchen utensils.

And now I'm writing this article after dinner.


Have you ever noticed one thing in all these activities? That I didn't give time to my mobile phone in two days(sometimes mobile look good in our pocket). I've been away from social media, that's why my mood has relaxed now. Therefore I write article.

It's time to ended my article here. I hope you didn't get bored to read my article. I hope your spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity. Don't forget to help others because this small act makes your day very peaceful. Thank you so much my dear readers, sponsors, upvoters and commentators. You encourage me to write articles here.

All image except lead is taken from unsplash.com

Stay safe, stay happy and stay healthy. Have a blessed night guys.

Peace .....

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